Peter Drucker: a bibliography

, by DRUCKER Peter

2015 (forthcoming) - Warped: Gay Normality and Queer Anti-Capitalism (Leiden: Brill/Historical Materialism)

Winter 2015 (forthcoming) - “’Disengaging from the Muslim Spirit’: The Alliance Israélite Universelle and Moroccan Jews” (in Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, vol. 11, no. 1)

June 2014 - “Vrolijke wijsheid over LHBT vakbondswerk” (“Gay wisdom on LGBT trade union work”, review of Michiel Odijk, LGBT Trade Union Work: Experiences and Perspectives, in Grenzeloos)

Apr. 2014 - “Bitter victories, but real ones” (interview with Ahlem Belhadj, in International Viewpoint, no. 471) available on ESSF (article 31573), Tunisia: “Bitter victories, but real ones” – "The revolutionary process is still ongoing.”,

Mar.-June 2014 - “Frankrijk, Israel en het lot van de Marokkaanse joden” (“France, Israel and the plight of the Moroccan Jews”, in Soemoed, vol. 42, no. 2-3)

Feb. 2014 - “Cosa insegnano i Paesi Bassi al movimento LGBIT (parte I): dalla conquista dei diritti all’omonazionalismo” (“What the Netherlands has to teach the LGBT movement (part I): from the conquest of rights to homonationalism”, interview by Mauro Muscio, Communia Network)

Winter 2014 - “Bolshevism in Yiddish” (review of Elissa Bemporad, Becoming Soviet Jews: The Bolshevik Experiment in Minsk, in New Politics, vol. 14, no. 4) available on ESSF (article 30981), Bolshevism in Yiddish – Yiddish-language culture in the 1920s’ Russia,

Dec. 2013 - “Obamacare: de ramp” (“Obamacare: the disaster”, in Grenzeloos)

July-Aug. 2013 - “Palestinians and the queer left” (review of Sarah Schulman, Israel/Palestine and the Queer International, in Against the Current, no. 165)

Mar. 2013 - “Een alternatief voor de troika” (translation of “An alternative to the Troika”, below, in Grenzeloos)

Feb.-Mar. 2013 - “Een joodse lesbienne tussen Palestijnen” (“A Jewish lesbian among Palestinians”, review of Sarah Schulman, Israel/Palestine and the Queer International, in Grenzeloos, no. 121)

18 Feb. 2013 - “An alternative to the Troika” (interview with Jorge Costa, in International Viewpoint) available on ESSF (article 27879), Portugal, the Left Bloc and an alternative to the Troika,

6-12 Feb. 2013 - “Ir a uma sauna é uma liberdade limitada” (interview by Bruno Horta, in Time Out Lisboa)

Summer 2012 - “Paul Levi: A Luxemburgist alternative?” (review of David Fernbach (ed.), In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Writings of Paul Levi, in New Politics, vol. 14, no. 1) available on ESSF (article 25783), Paul Levi: a Luxemburgist alternative?,

June 2012 - “Byron and Ottoman love: Orientalism, Europeanization and same-sex sexualities in the early nineteenth-century Levant” (in Journal of European Studies, vol. 42, no. 2)

Mar.-Apr. 2012 - “VS: Gek en half gek rechts” (“US: the lunatic right and the half-lunatic right”, in Grenzeloos, no. 117)

Nov.-Dec. 2011 - “Luxemburg als alternatief voor Lenin?” (review of David Fernbach (ed.), In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Writings of Paul Levi, in Grenzeloos, no. 115)

Sept-Oct. 2011 - “Tien jaar botsende barbarijen” (“Ten years of clashing barbarisms”, in Grenzeloos, no. 114)

July-Aug. 2011 - “Turkije: ’AKP bouwt een politiestaat’” (“Turkey: ’AKP is building a police state”, interview with Rifat Hasret, in Grenzeloos, no. 113)

Summer 2011 - “Queer bir Marksizm’e do_ru (?)” (translation of “Toward a queer Marxism?”, below, in Yeniyol, no. 41)

Mar.-Apr. 2011 - “Toward a queer Marxism?” (review of Sherry Wolf, Sexuality and Socialism, and Kevin Floyd, The Reification of Desire, in Against the Current, no. 151) available on ESSF (article 20546), Toward A Queer Marxism?,

2011 - “The fracturing of LGBT identities under neoliberal capitalism” (in Historical Materialism, vol. 19, no. 4)

Oct.-Nov. 2010 - “Een queer marxisme” (review of Kevin Floyd, The Reification of Desire, in Grenzeloos, no. 109)

3 Sept. 2010 - “Homosexualités, conformisme rampant et nouvelles radicalités” (translation of “A new sexual radicalism”, below, in SolidaritéS, no. 173) available on ESSF (article 18461), Homosexualités, conformisme rampant et nouvelles radicalités,

Aug.-Sept. 2010 - “Vragen over ’queer’” (“Questions about ’queer’”, abridged translation of “The new sexual radicalism”, below, in Grenzeloos, no. 108)

Summer 2010 - “Yeni cinsel radikalizm” (translation of “The new sexual radicalism”, below, in Yeniyol, no. 37-38)

June-July 2010 — “Ab Menist: Een Rotterdams revolutionair” (“Ab Menist: A Rotterdam revolutionary”, in Grenzeloos no. 107)

May-June 2010 — “The new sexual radicalism” (in Against the Current no. 146). Available on ESSF (article 17843): The New Sexual Radicalism

April-May 2010 — “Tea Baggers: Rechtspopulisme in de VS” (“Tea Baggers: Right-wing populism in the US”, in Grenzeloos no. 106)

Mar. 2010 — “Byron and Ottoman love: Orientalism, Europeanization and same-sex sexualities in the early 19th-century Levant” (paper for conference on “Rethinking European (Homo)sexual modernity”, University of Antwerp)

Jan.-Feb. 2010 — “Leonard Bernstein’s tragedy” (review of Barry Seldes, Leonard Bernstein: The Political Life of an American Musician, in Against the Current, no. 144). Available on ESSF (article 16548): Leonard Bernstein’s Tragedy

Jan.-Feb. 2010 — “A letter on Che” (in Against the Current, no. 144). Available on ESSF (article 16365): On Olivier Besancenot and Michael Löwy’s book on Che Guevara

Nov.-Dec. 2009 - “Linksaf tegen de islamofobie” (“Leftwards against Islamophobia”, in Grenzeloos, no. 104) (published in English as “Islamophobia: for a radical left response” at

Sept. 2009 — “Changing families and communities: an LGBT contribution to an alternative development path” (in Development in Practice, vol. 19, no. 7)

Aug.-Sept. 2009 — “Obama komt beloftes niet na — en links kan geen vuist maken” (“Obama doesn’t keep his promises — and left can’t unite”, in Grenzeloos, no. 103)

June 2009 — “A tug-of-war over the Chinese media” (translation of “Touwtrekken om de Chinese media”, below). On ESSF (article 13983): A tug-of-war over the Chinese media

June-July 2009 — “Touwtrekken om de Chinese media” (“A tug-of-war over the Chinese media”, review of Yuezhi Zhao, Communication in China, in Grenzeloos, no. 102)

June 2009 — “Moslimfundamentalisme effectief bestrijden door verzet tegen islamofobie” (“Fight Islamic fundamentalism effectively by resisting Islamophobia, in Doorbraak)

Apr.-May 2009 — “Seksuele vrijheid, oost en west?” (translation of “Arab sexualities”, below, in Grenzeloos, no. 101)

Jan.-Feb. 2009 — “President Obama: waar blijft de nieuwe New Deal?” (“Where’s Obama’s new New Deal?”, in Grenzeloos, no. 100)

Winter 2009 — “Reinventing a queer politics” (in New Politics, no. 46) /
Available on ESSF (article 12661): Reinventing a Queer Left

Jan. 2009 — “Arabiske seksualiteter” (translation of “Arab sexualities”, below, in Socialistisk Information, no. 228)

Nov. 2008 — “Sexualités arabes : la libération en Orient comme en Occident ?” (abridged translation of “Arab sexualities”, below). On ESSF (article 14544-: Sexualités arabes : la libération en Orient comme en Occident ?

Nov.-Dec. 2008 — “Arab sexualities” (review of Joseph Massad, Desiring Arabs, in Against the Current, no. 137) /
Available on ESSF (article 11938): Arab Sexualities

Aug.-Sept. 2008 — “Cynthia McKinney: Obama’s linkse uitdager” (“Obama’s challenger from the left”, in Grenzeloos, no. 98)

Aug.-Sept. 2008 — “Fantasie voorbij het zionisme?” (“A fantasy beyond Zionism?”, review of Michael Chabon, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, in Grenzeloos, no. 98)

May 2008 — “Le SAP dans le SP” (“The [Dutch] SAP in the SP”, interview by Chris den Hond).

On ESSF (article 10446): Pays-Bas : le SAP dans le SP

2007 — “Marxism” (in Routledge International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities, London: Routledge)

Sept./Oct. 2007 — “Ook linkse liefde mag gevierd worden” (“Left-wing love may be celebrated too”, in Grenzeloos, no. 93)

Sept. 2007 — “The IIRE 1982-2007 — III — Into a new and better century, 1993-2006”.

On ESSF website: The IIRE 1982-2007 — III — The Second Decade

July/Aug. 2007 — “How to resist Sarkozy?” (in Against the Current, no. 129).

On ESSF website: How to Resist Sarkozy?

April/June 2007 — “Entwicklungspolitik andersrum: Vom kampf der Lesben, Schwulen, Bisexuellen und Transgender um soziale Rechten” (“Alternative development policy: on the LGBT struggle for social rights”, in Hinterland, no. 4)

May 2007 — “Auto-émancipation et identités à l’heure de la mondialisation” (“Self-emancipation and identity in the era of globalization”).

On ESSF website: Auto-émancipation et identités à l’heure de la mondialisation

May 2007 — “Verlichting in de spagaat” (“Enlightenment contested”, review of Jonathan Israel, Radical Enlightenment and Enlightenment Contested, in Grenzeloos, no. 91).

Oct. 2006 — “Same-sex marriage and the European neoliberal agenda” (paper presented at Socialism and Sexuality seminar, Paris).
On ESSF website: Same-sex marriage and the neoliberal European agenda

June/July 2006 — “Een luis in de pels: Amsterdam Anders niet langer in de raad” (“Amsterdam Anders loses seat in city council”, with Paul Mepschen, in Grenzeloos, no. 87).

Apr./May 2006 — “De arbeidsmarkt is door en door racistisch” (“The labour market is racist from top to bottom”, in Grenzeloos, no. 86).

Jan./Feb. 2006 — “Zand in de republikeinse machine” (“A spanner in the Republican works”, in Grenzeloos, no. 85).

Nov./Dec. 2005 — “‘Buiten de orde’: homo-emancipatie en islamophobie” (“Lesbian/gay emancipation and fear of Islam”, in Grenzeloos, nr. 84).

Sept./Oct. 2005 — “Het domme Duitse volk” (“The stupid German people”, in Grenzeloos, no. 83).

Sept./Oct. 2005 — “Een vijand van onze vijand: Irans eigen neoconservatieven” (“An enemy of our enemy: Iran’s own neoconservatives”, in Grenzeloos no. 83).

July/Aug. 2005 — “Aletta Jacobs: feministe onder de loep” (“Aletta Jacobs: feminist under a magnifying glass”, review of Mineke Bosch’s Aletta Jacobs, in Grenzeloos, nr. 82).

May/June 2005 — “Tien veldslagen om Europa: referenda over de grondwet” (“Ten battles over Europe: referendums on the constitution”, in Grenzeloos, no. 81).

May 2005 — “For en kritisk dialog” (“For a critical dialogue [between queer theory and Marxism]”, in Socialistisk Information, no. 197).

May 2005 — “Netherlands: a left ‘no’” (in International Viewpoint)

Mar./Apr. 2005 — “Snelcursus Irak” (“Iraq: intensive course”, review of Robert Soeterik, Irak, in Grenzeloos, no. 80).

Mar./Apr. 2005 — “Koehandel van Bush met de shi’ieten: Irak na de verkiezingen” (“Bush dickers with the Shi’ites: Iraq after the elections”, in Grenzeloos, no. 80).

Jan./Feb. 2005 — “Bayard Rustin in history: the prophet gone astray” (review of John D’Emilio’s Lost Prophet, in Against the Current no. 114, Black History Month theme issue).

2004 — “Introducción: redefinición de las identidades sexuales” and “Reinvención de la liberación” (in Peter Drucker ed., Arco Iris Diferentes — Spanish translation of Different Rainbows, below — Mexico City: Siglo XXI Editores).

2004 — “ ‘More freedom’ or ‘more harmony’? Henriette Roland Holst, Jacques Engels and the influence of class and gender on socialists’ sexual attitudes” (in Jesse Battan et al. eds., Meetings & Alcoves, Dijon: Editions Universitaires).

Nov./Dec. 2004 — “Race and revolution” (review of Max Shachtman, Race and Revolution, Christopher Phelps ed., in Against the Current, no. 113)

Nov./Dec. 2004 — “Rechts wint in de VS: links in verwarring” (“Right-wing victory and left-wing disarray in the US”, in Grenzeloos, no. 79).

Oct. 2004 — “Een nieuwe Amerkaanse burgeroorlog: bostende beschavingen” (“A new American civil war: clasing civilizations”, in Grenzeloos, no. 78)

Feb./Mar. 2004 — “De troepen terug: Nederland in Irak” (“Troops out! The Netherlands in Iraq”, in Grenzeloos, nr. 75).

Dec. 2003/Jan. 2004 — “Geen perspectief met de Democraten: Bush kan verliezen” (“No future with the Democrats: Bush could lose”, in Grenzeloos, no. 74).

Sept./Oct. 2003 — “De grondwet als sluipmoord” (“The [EU] constitution as assassination”, in Grenzeloos, nr. 73).

July/Aug. 2003 — “De pest of de cholera: Chirac de neocon-doder?” (“The plague or cholera: Chirac the neocon-killer?” in Grenzeloos, no. 72).

May/June 2003 — “Wat wil Nederland in Irak?” (“What does the Netherlands want in Iraq?” in Grenzeloos, no. 71).

May/June 2003 — “Hoe joodse gelovigen zionisten werden” (“How observant Jews became Zionists”, in Grenzeloos, no. 71)

May 2003 — “For lesbian/gay liberation” (with Sérgio Vitorino) (in International Viewpoint, no. 349).

On ESSF website: For lesbian and gay liberation

Oct./Nov. 2002 — “Bewegen tegen een nieuwe oorlog: sleutelvragen” (“Key questions for the new antiwar movement”, in Grenzeloos, no. 68).

Sept./Oct. 2002 — “Europe’s specter of Americanization” (in Against the Current, no. 100).

On ESSF website: Europe’s Specter of Americanization

June 2002 — “Netherlands: Contradiction and struggle” (in International Viewpoint, no. 341).

On ESSF website: Netherlands: Contradiction and struggle – On the death of Pim Fortuyn

June 2002 — “NAVO: een armzalige illusie” (“NATO: a pitiful illusion”, in Grenzeloos, no. 66).

Apr.-May 2002 — “De VS-wereldprotectoraat: de volgende oorlog” (“The US global protectorate and the next war”, in Grenzeloos, no. 65).

Feb./Mar. 2002 — “Bush en de ‘as van het kwaad’” (“Bush and the ‘axis of evil’”, in Grenzeloos, no. 64)

Feb./Mar. 2002 — “Links in Italië op de weg terug” (“Italian left makes a comeback”, in Grenzeloos, no. 64).

Nov./Dec. 2001 — “Dialogue [with Ellen Meiksins Wood]: Why did capitalism win?” (in Against the Current, no. 95).

Oct.-Nov. 2001 — “Rouw, woude … en strubbelingen: reacties in VS” (“Grief, rage … and rumblings: reactions in the US”, in Grenzeloos, no. 63)

Oct./Nov. 2001 — “Anarchisten en marxisten: een reactie op Eurodusnie” (“Anarchists and Marxists: a response to Eurodusnie”, with Willem Bos, in Grenzeloos, no. 63).

Fall 2001 — “Rechten voor holebi’s: een identiteit voor het neoliberaal Europa?” (“LGB rights: an identity for neoliberal Europe?” in De Internationale, no. 78).

July/Aug. 2001, “Stalinism in hindsight” (review of Max Shachtman et al., The Fate of the Russian Revolution, Sean Matgamna ed., in Against the Current, no. 93).

July/Aug. 2001 — “Mythes en werkelijkheid: Bush en Europa” (“Myths and reality: Bush and Europe”, in Grenzeloos, no. 62).

July/Aug. 2001 — “Milosevic en Macedonië: de zomer van het recht?” (“Milosevic and Macedonia: the summer of justice?” in Grenzeloos, no. 62).

Jan./Feb. 2001 — “Remembering the [first US-Iraq] war and the [antiwar] movement” (in Against the Current, no. 90).

2000 — “Introduction: remapping sexualities” and “Reinventing liberation” (in Peter Drucker ed., Different Rainbows, London: GMP).

On ESSF website: Reinventing liberation: Strategic questions for lesbian/gay movements

July/Aug. 2000 — “Exportplannen en etnisch geweld: de oorlog in Mindanao” (“Export plans and ethnic violence: the war in Mindanao”, in Grenzeloos, no. 56).

Mar./Apr. 2000 — “Macht en seksualiteit” (translation of “Power and sexuality”, below, in Grenzeloos, no. 54)

Mar./Apr. 2000 — “Homo-ouders juichen en klagen: nog steeds niet gelijk” (“Gay parents cheer and complain: still not equal”, in Grenzeloos, no. 54)

Jan./Feb. 2000 — “Fatsoenlijk worden én radical blijven? de SP in spagaat” (“Becoming respectable and staying radical? the SP at a crossroads”, in Grenzeloos, no. 53).

Feb. 1999 — “’Gay marriage?’” (editor and co-author of survey of European same-sex marriage legislation and debates in International Viewpoint, no. 308).

Winter 1999 — “Zelforganisatie, zelfemancipatie en identiteit” (“Self-organization, self-emancipation and identity”, in De Internationale, no. 67).

Sept./Oct. 1998 — “Trotskyism: wheat and chaff” (review of George Breitman, Paul Le Blanc and Alan Wald, Trotskyism in the United States, in Against the Current, no. 76).

Summer 1998 — “Sidney Hook: Marxist pioneer” (review of Christopher Phelps, Young Sidney Hook: Marxist and Pragmatist, in New Politics, no. 25).

May/June 1997 — “Gays and the left: scratching the surface” (review of Gert Hekma et al. eds., Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left, in Against the Current no. 68).

On ESSF website: Gays and the Left : Scratching the Surface

Feb. 1997 — “In den Tropen gibt’s keine Sünde: Sexualität und schwul-lesbische Bewegungen in der Dritten Welt” (in Bibliothek der 90er Jahre: Beilage zur SoZ, vol. 12, no. 4).

Nov./Dec. 1996 — “Marxism and the fate of the European Jews: a problematic theory and practice” (review of Enzo Traverso, The Marxists and the Jewish Question: The History of a Debate, Against the Current no. 65)

Nov. 1996 — “Third World gays fight back” (in International Viewpoint, no. 282).

July/Aug. 1996 — “‘In the tropics there is no sin’: sexuality and gay-lesbian movements in the Third World” (in New Left Review, no. 218).

April 1996 — “Renewing the Third Camp legacy” (in Workers’ Liberty, no. 30).

Winter 1995 — “Lesbo- en homobevrijding in Nederland: Achtergrond en toekomst” (“Lesbian/gay liberation in the Netherlands: origins and future”, in De Nieuwe Internationale).

1994 — Max Shachtman and His Left: A Socialist’s Odyssey through the “American Century” (Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press).

Sept. 1994 — “Homo’s: ‘integratie’ of verzet?” (in Grenzeloos).

Mar./Apr. 1993 — “What is queer nationalism?” (in Against the Current, no. 43).

May/June 1992 — “Clinton and the crisis of representation” (in Against the Current, no. 38).

1992 (2nd ed.) — “Shachtman, Max”, in Mari Jo Buhle et al. eds., Encyclopedia of the
(1st ed.) — American Left (Urbana: Univ. of Illinois Press).

1991 — “Sobre la Guerra del Medio Oriente” (“On the war in the Middle East”, in Pensamiento Crítico, no. 68).

Sept./Oct. 1991 — “Oscar Wilde: A rediscovered radical” (review of Richard Ellman, Oscar Wilde, in Against the Current).

Summer 1991 — “Pulling apart the New World Order: Is this a new imperialism? So what’s new about it?” (Solidarity discussion paper).

July/Aug. 1990 — “‘Drug wars and the empire” (in Against the Current, no. 27).

Mar./Apr. 1989 — “The transformation of AIDS: polarization of a movement” (in Against the Current, no. 19).

May/June 1988 — “Radicalism and religion: a response to Paul Buhle” (in Against the Current, no. 14).

Summer 1987 — “Gays, Jews and the Holocaust” (in Shmate no. 18).

Nov./Dec. 1986 — “The politics of AIDS” (review of Cindy Patton, Sex and Germs, and Dennis Altman, AIDS in the Mind of America, in Against the Current, no. 6).

Sept./Oct. 1986 — “Stop the LaRouche PANIC!” (in Against the Current no. 4-5).

1984 — “The paradoxical Polish state” (in Socialist Politics, vol. 1 no. 2).

Fall 1984 — “Power and sexuality” (review of Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality, Volume 1, in Against the Current, old series).

June 1984 — “Warning signs from San Francisco” (in Gay Community News).

Winter 1982 — “The promise of gay liberation” (in Against the Current, old series, vol. 2, no. 1).

Dec. 1981/Jan. 1982 — “France: Will Mitterand’s election mean a march toward socialism?” (in Changes).

August 1980 — “Sex at sea” (in Inquiry)

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