University banns Munir concert, says too close to elections

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Indra Subagja, Jakarta — The University of
Indonesia (UI) will not be giving permission for a
concert event titled “Tribute to Munir” at its Depok
campus in West Jakarta on February 20. Not
surprisingly this has given rise to protests by the
wife of the late Munir, Suciwati.

“Their reasons were brief, odd. Their reasons have
no grounds, the event is political, what’s political
about it?”, said Suciwati when contacted by
telephone on Wednesday February 18.

The university has asked that the event be postponed
until December 10, 2009. “They say its [too] close
to the elections and security disturbance, this is
in fact a humanitarian concert. Our event is very
different”, she explained.

Suciwati also plans to send a letter explaining the
nature of the event to the University of Indonesia
rectorate. “The thing that is saddening is this kind
of behaviour by campus officials”, she explained.



* - February 18, 2009. Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the report was “Suciwati protests banning of Munir
event at UI”.

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