The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest – 1500 to the Present

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About the Encyclopedia

This definitive 8-volume reference is a comprehensive print and electronic resource covering the history of protest and revolution over the past 500 years – throughout the modern era of mass movements. The first historical encyclopedia of its kind, it contains:

- Specially commissioned entries in A-Z format, from an internationally diverse editorial board and contributors
- Clear, concise explanations of events and larger social movements, and biographies of key people – ranging from 500 to 5000 words
- Summaries of major uprisings and protest movements: the ideas, ideologies, and activists that propelled them; how they unfolded; their roots, goals, tactics, and influence; and their successes and failures
- Over 150 photographs, figures, and maps

In addition, the online version provides:

- Regular revisions and new entries – updated once a year
- Links to comprehensive collection through Blackwell Reference Online
- Links to other resources available on the web
- Powerful searching, browsing, and cross-referencing capabilities, including - Open URL linking

Publishing in Print and Online: April 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4051-8464-9 / HB / 7 VOLUMES + INDEX VOLUME


Some praise for The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest

“This eight-volume encyclopedia is an indispensable reference tool for scholars, students, and activists seeking information about revolutionary social movements, left-politics, and radical leaders. Immanuel Ness has put together a very impressive team of international scholars, many of whom have defined their fields. The result is a comprehensive compilation that reflects the most recent scholarly interpretations. What distinguishes this encyclopedia is the way it incorporates the social history literature of the past two generations with its focus on protest movements, ordinary working people, and the how the struggle for social justice was defined by class, race, gender, and ethnicity. This encyclopedia provides a window into the process of revolutionary social change, the relationships between leaders and rank and file, workers, peasants, and state power. Its transnational perspective clarifies the role that revolutionary nationalism and the struggles against European colonialism played in the world-wide movement for social change. This is the definitive reference work in its area.”

Michael Nash, Director, Tamiment Library, New York University

“Ness (political science, Brooklyn Coll.), author of numerous works on labor organizing, trade unions, migration, and unemployment, has assembled a team of contributors from around the world to work on what may easily become the definitive reference on the topic of protest. The set begins with short bios of the editors and contributors, then launches into an introduction outlining the project and aims of the set: to cover 500 years of protest and revolution from a historical, social, cultural, and political view so that readers may understand the origin, significance, and success of various world events from a neutral and inclusive perspective. It then offers a chronology of significant events followed by a lexicon organizing entries under subject headings, followed by a set of political maps of the world. The 1600-plus A-to-Z entries (from “Abalone Alliance” to “Zwingli, Huldrych”), ranging from 500 to 5000 words in length, contain cross-references to other relevant entries as well as lists of suggested readings. BOTTOM LINE The exhaustive nature and truly impressive scope of this set make it a valuable research tool for scholars. Those who opt for the e-version will benefit from regular revisions and new entries added annually, links to other online resources, and open URL linking.”
Library Journal

“This voluminous encyclopedia is a timely and wonderful thematic compilation of peer-reviewed reference material that will contribute significantly to a broad range of social science disciplines.”

Diana Lachatanere, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library

“For this work Immanuel Ness has assembled an impressive team of international scholars…Undoubtedly, this will become an essential reference on world revolutionary and protest movements, and an important addition to the collections of academic and larger public libraries. I know I will recommend it to our students and faculty, and will consult it frequently for my own research.”

Thomas Twiss, Government Information Librarian, University of Pittsburgh

“An indispensable tool for social scientists and historians who wish to be aware of their rich and colorful past. The scope is breathtaking - with a wealth of engagingly presented detail gathered by an army of researchers under the sure guidance of Immanuel Ness. Wiley is to be congratulated.”

Raymond Markey, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

"Finally a scholarly reference work that provides a substantive approach to world history that accounts for the essential role played by popular movements in the processes of revolution, social change and progress. The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest traces the efforts of peasants and workers in the global South and North
as they struggle for justice and power from the emergence of European colonialism to the present."

Gary Younge, The Guardian and The Nation

“This compilation of historical essays provides a unique contribution to the study of social radicalism. The encyclopedia fills a critical void with its extensive examination of the progression of revolutions and protests throughout the world. The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest is sure to become the definitive reference work in this area of study.”

Pat Newcombe, Western New England College School of Law Library

“[A] valuable resource for students of social movements and social change.”

Stephen H. Aby, University of Akron

“Brings together not only a vast amount of information on protest from several dimensions, but the articles on Japan also provide a vibrant sense of activist consciousness as well as events on the ground. In addition to the organizations and movements of the early postwar era . . . today’s surging community union movement is covered as well. Students of labor as well as protest movements will find the materials valuable.”

Charles Weathers, Osaka City University, Japan

“The editors have done a marvelous job bringing alive the rich tradition and critique of revolution and resistance. This encyclopedia is a gem! This is one of the most important works of social history of our time."
Cornel West, Class of 1943 University Professor, Princeton University, Center for African American Studies & Department of Religion


About the Editor

Immanuel Ness is Professor of Political Science at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, United States.

He is also the Director of the Graduate Political Science Program at the Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education in New York City, and has taught at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Union Leadership Program and Cornell University Institute for Labor Relations. His current research examines the working class and labor unions from an historical-comparative perspective in a regional, national, and global context.

Ness is a graduate of New York University and Columbia University, and holds a PhD in Political Science from the City University of New York. He is author of scholarly articles, chapters, review essays, and books on labor organizing, trade unions, migration, and unemployment, including Immigrants, Unions, and the New U.S. Labor Market (Temple University Press, 2005), and Chains of Migration (forthcoming), and (as editor) the Encyclopedia of American Social Movements, recipient of an American Library Association Best Reference Award in 2005. In 2006, Ness received the Christian Bay Award for best written paper presentation in New Political Science from the American Political Science Association.

Since 1999, Ness has been editor of Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society, a peer-review quarterly social science journal on labor and class. He is founder of the Lower East Side Community Labor Coalition, which received a Proclamation from the City Council of New York in 2001 for advancing labor standards in low-wage occupations.

Ness lectures widely at universities and research institutes in the United States, Caribbean, Europe, East and South Asia.

Board of Editors

Dario Azzellini, Johann Wolfgang Goethe - University of Frankfurt, Germany

Marcelline Block, Princeton University, USA

Jesse Cohn, Purdue University North Central, USA

Clifford D. Conner, City University of New York, USA

Rowena Griem, Yale University Library, USA

Paul LeBlanc, La Roche College, USA

Amy Linch, Rutgers University, USA

Soma Marik, RKSM Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, India

Ayokunle O. Omobowale, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Pierre Rousset, International Institute for Research and Education, Netherlands

Beverly Tomek, Wharton County Junior College, USA

Ben Trott, Free University of Berlin, Germany

Board of Associate and Advisory Editors

Debdas Banerjee, Calcutta University, India

Walden Bello, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines

Elaine Bernard, Harvard University, USA

Robert Brenner, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Stephen Eric Bronner, Rutgers University, USA

Dennis Brutus, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Paul Buhle, Brown University, USA

Verity Burgmann, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dimitrios K. Dalakoglou, University College London, UK

Lawrence Davidson, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA

Herbert Docena – Focus on the Global South, Philippines

Chris Ealham, Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus, Spain

Bill Fletcher, Jr., Center for Labor Renewal, and former President of TransAfrica Forum, USA

Adolfo Gilly, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Michael Goldfield, Wayne State University, USA

George Gona, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Michael A. Gonzalez, University of Glasgow, UK

Lawrence Goodwyn, Duke University, USA

J. Megan Greene, University of Kansas, USA

J. Laurence Hare, Emory & Henry College, USA

Daniel Hémery, University of Paris VII – Denis Diderot, France

Gerald Horne, University of Houston, USA

Masao Inoue, Rikkyo University, Japan

Boris Kanzleiter, Free University of Berlin, Germany

Robin D.G. Kelley, University of Southern California, USA

Jason Kelly, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

Margaret Levi, University of Washington-Seattle, USA

Au Loong-yu, Globalization Monitor Journal, Hong Kong

Michael Löwy, National Center for Scientific Research, France

Manning Marable, Columbia University, USA

Bryan Palmer, Trent University, Canada

Diogo L. Pinheiro, Emory University, USA

Frances Fox Piven, City University of New York, USA

Gerardo Rénique, City College of City University of New York, USA

Heidi Rimke, University of Winnipeg, Canada

Magda Romanska, Emerson College, USA

Paul Rubinson, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Sean Scalmer, University of Melbourne, Australia

Guillermina S. Seri, Union College, USA

Matthew J. Smith, University of West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

Mauro Stampacchia, University of Pisa, Italy

Michael Thompson, William Paterson University, USA

Edson I. Urano, Sophia University, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Tokyo, Japan

Lucien van der Walt, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Antonios A. Vradis, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Joseph Wilson, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, USA

Won Young-su, Korean Institute for Labor Studies and Policy, Korea

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 Special Session at Left Forum (April 17-19, 2009)

Pace University (across from City Hall), New York City
Revolution and Protest Yesterday and Tomorrow

Panel discussion flowing from the newly-published eight-volume International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest (Wiley-Blackwell)
- Walden Bello
- Kunal Chattopadhyay
- Paul Le Blanc
- Immanuel Ness
- Frances Fox Piven

Exploring historical experience and patterns of relevance for left scholars and activists at the present political juncture, the discussion will survey:

1. the purpose of the encyclopedia — as a tool for scholars and activists today and tomorrow

2. globalization and international revolution — historically and today

3. revolutionary traditions as resources for social change

4. new (and not-so-new) realities of our time

5. how progressive social change is brought about — lessons and challenges for today

For information on the Left Forum (April 17-19):

For information on the Encyclopedia:

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