Labour Party Pakistan Khaiber Phukhtoon Khawa Congress today

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A two days Labour Party Pakistan Khaiber Phuktoon Khawa province conference will take place on 17-18 October 2010 in Murdan district.

While floods have left devastating effects on many parts of Khaiber Phukhtoon Khawa province, those involved in relief and rehabilitation work are now looking a political answer to situation. Activists of Labour Party Pakistan are gathering today in Murdan district for a day long for the third congress. Around 200 delegates from 8 districts are to discuss the post flood political and social scenario and the organizational priorities for the next period during the congress.

A public rally on 18 October at 3pm is being organized in Pir Sabaq area of Noshehra district where hundreds of flood affettees have received continues relief and rehabilitation support from Labour Relief Campaign, LPP KP is taking care of this important work for the last two months on behalf of LRC.

The congress will play an important role in promoting the progressive forces in a province dominated by military operations, drone attacks, religious fundamentalists suicidal attacks and has witnessed a growth of religious fundamentalist ideas. The congress will present a comprehensible class based alternative to the politics of the rich, religious forces and imperialists agents.

LPP KP activists from different parts of Swat and Malakanad Agency, Swabi, Noshehra, Peshawar, Charsada, Murdan and Wazeerestan will gather in a suburb of Murdan. They will discuss the world political perspectives, Pakistan and province political situation and will elect the new leadership of the LPP KP.

The Public rally on 18 October will be address by Shahbuddin Khatak, a lawyer’s movement leader, Saleem Raaz, secretary Anjaman Taraqi Paasand Musanfeen KP (progressive writers Association), Nisar Shah general secretary LPP and Farooq Tariq spokesperson LPP.

Report by : information desk LPP

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