Sindh is bleeding: Three Sindhi Nationalist Burn Alive

Yesterday 21 April at afternoon three central leaders of Jey Sindh Mutheeda Mahaz (JSMM) were fired upon and killed and burnt their bodies in the vehicle at Jamrao Canal on Chutyaroon road near Sanghar.

They were coming from Khipro where there vehicle was ambushed by a Prado jeep. So-called unknown armed person open the fire with most sophisticated weapons and than their vehicle put on fire so all three burnt alive at the spot while one Noorullah Tuneo (Joint Secretary JSMM) is survived but severely injured with 80% burnt, very slim chance of his survival, he has been shifted to Hyderabad.

The leader who were killed and burnt were JSMM (vice Chairperson) Serai Qurban Khawar, Roplo Choliyani (Information Secretary) and their close friend.

One of our comrades visited Sanghar hospital yesterday where dead bodies and the injured were shifted. They talked with Noorullah the injured one, he informed that the killers were from secrete agencies.

It is very gruesome cold blood murders and it show the clear sign that a new repressive phase has been introduced by the secrete agencies in Sindh after using the same one in Balochistan.

We should shout against it and don’t be silent on the killing of political workers.
All are appeal to do some thing in protest other wise Sindh will become another “CHHAONI” Containment.

Nasir Mansoor
April 22, 2011


Sunday 24th April 4pm @ Karachi Press Club, KARACHI

Monday 25th April 11am Moro Press Club, MORO

Tuesday 26th April Hyderabad Press Club, HYDERABAD

Wednesday 27 April 3pm @ Sanghar Press Club, SANGHAR

Wednesday 27 April 3pm @ Shimla Pehari, LAHORE

Labour Party Demos against the killing of Sindhi Nationalist leaders

In Sindh

Three central leaders of Jey Sindh. Mutehida Mahaz (JSMM) were killed and burnt their bodies by state sponsored terrorist two days ago in Sanghar.

The state secrete agencies have been planing to force the political parties in Sindh to change the discourse from democratic to violent means including to take arm to achieve the political goals and objectives.

We should shout against the brutal act and don’t be silent on the killing of political leaders of Sindhi Nationalist party.

All friends and comrades are appeal to do some thing in protest other wise Sindh will become another “CHHAONI” Containment and hunting ground of political workers.

Labour Party Sindh is going to organize protest demos against the brutal killing/burning of JSMM leaders by state sponsored terrorists.

Your solidarity participation is expected with revolutionary spirit.

Nasir Mansoor


Labour Party Pakistan Lahore activists protested at Shimla Pehari Chouck lahore to protest against the killing of three Sindhi nationalist leaders this afternoon. They were carrying play cards and banners to denounce the target killing of the opponent political figures. They expressed solidarity with the people of Sindh and said the voices from Punjab will be raised against the discriminatory attitude of the state against the smaller nationalities of Pakistan. “stop target killings, stop state repression of Sindhi nationalist leaders, arrest the killers of Sindhi leaders, We are with you, You are not alone, No to target killings, Stop extra judicial killings,” were some of the slogans that were raised at the demonstration.

Labour Party Pakistan have organised five demonstration in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sanghar, Moro and Lahore against these killings.


LPP Lahore will organize a protest demonstration today on 27th April 3 pm at Shimla Pehari Lahore to protest against the killing of the three nationalist leaders in Sindh.

The three were killed probably by the state forces and then burnt alive last week in Sanghar. According to the details, Three central leaders of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), a nationalist party, were burnt alive when some armed men. Rooplo Choliani, Sirai Qurban and Noorullah Tunio were coming in an Alto car from Khipro town to district headquarter town Sanghar. The culprits who were chasing them opened fires on car and then torched it, as a result Rooplo Choliani and Serai Qurban and Noorullah burnt alive in the car. The assailants also resorted to aerial firing to stop the people who wanted to come closer and save the lives of JSQM leaders.

Watch here one of the leader killed in the incident
JSMM Leader Rooplo at Larkana

April 27, 2011

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