CPP supports LPP Chief Nasir Shah in the Election of Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir

(ATTOCK CANTT - JUNE 25, 2011) The policy statement on the subject CPP as to why supporting LPP Chief Nasir Shah in the Election of Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir scheduled on tomorrow Sunday 26th June, 2011 as issued by the Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) for the information of public, electronic and print media is as under:-

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) has announced to support and vote the Progressive and Socialist Leader Advocate Nasir Shah, Chief of the Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) in the Legislative Assembly Election of Azad Kashmir in the constituency of LA 35 Jammu 6, which will be held tomorrow Sunday on June 26, 2011.

This was publicly announced by the CPP Chairman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in its policy statement issued here today.

Engineer Jameel maintained that neither bourgeoisies democracy nor dictatorship can solve the problems of our people. It is only the Socialism and peoples democracy which can solve the problems of the people of our country and Azad Kashmir.

He requested all the people of Kashmir and specially those who have socialist and communist ideology and sympathizer of CPP to kindly vote for LPP Chief on 26th June polls.

He said that his party and LPP fully believe in Socialist Programme and both the parties look after the interest of the working class and represents the downtrodden masses at all level of society.

CPP and LPP desire the downtrodden masses to come forward in the Parliament. The positive political change in our system will only come if the Parliament is represented by the downtrodden and poor masses and not by rich and feudal class, which is prevailing now.

The Chairman of CPP said, presently there is no representation of the poor and downtrodden masses at any level of the Parliament. CPP and LPP wants drastic change in the political system, though it is not an easy task, yet both parties are optimistic and the day will come when the poor workers and peasants will rule this country.

Engineer Jameel said that the Communist Party and Labour Party want to make the people aware of the values of their vote. He said, about 200 families are ruling the country and the Communist Party vows that it will fight against all the injustices being done to the poor people.

Communist Party said that the price hike of all commodities has made the life of downtrodden masses and public at large very miserable. CPP also opposed privatization.

He said that China is a socialist country and whereas the population is more than one billion but it has never ever reported by any western or eastern print or electronic media that a single man has died while buying a bag of sugar or wheat, whereas last year, unfortunately eighteen women, many of them teenagers, died in a stampede in Karachi for only one bag of sugar or wheat.

And this is all happenings in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, whose elite and rulings class dont care for such incidents at all; Engineer Jameel vehemently concluded his statement with these remarks.

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