Pakistan: Baba Jan: The most wanted political activist in Gilgit Baltestan

I just spoke to Baba Jan, the most wanted political activists of Gilgit Baltestan these days.

Baba Jan, member federal committee Labour Party Pakistan and organiser of Progressive Youth Front Gilgit Baltestan is now the most wanted political activists of the region. Police is haunting him every where, Yesterday on 25th August, The Hunza Police arrested 16 more political activists, however, Baba Jan escaped the arrest once again. The total arrests made till today for demonstrating against the killings have now reached 32. Among them, 10 are members of Labour Party Gilgit Baltestan.

Baba Jan speaking

We have decided that Baba Jan will not court arrest but will continue the movement against the killing of the two political activists by the local police when they protested for compensation of 25 families of Atta Abad lake effectees.

Today, on 26th August, whole Hunza district is closed in protest. There is a shutter down strike by the traders of HUnza against the arrests, the traders are also very angry on the charges against the political activists who have held a peacefull demonstration. 16 FIR are registered against uncounted numbers of political activists,so police is arresting every one. However, Baba Jan is the main target. Several sections of anti terrorist charges are also included in these first information reports of police.

Ehsan Ali president Gilgit Beltestan High Court Bar Association and member federal committee LPP is preparing a write petition to chanllenge the anti terrorist charges included in police cases.

Baba Jan calling from an unkown place in Humza told me that there are road blocks every where and police is looking for me every where, he said that I have been told by the whole community not to court arrest because they are all false charges. He said that even under Musharaf, we were not treated like this, The government of PPP in Gilgit baltestan is very nervous of our growing popularity and now making all efforts to stop the growing radicalisation among the youth in the region.

Labour Party Pakistan is planning to organise protest demonstrations in several cities against the arrests and police raids and demand an immediate release of all those arrested and stop raidng activists homes day and night. LPP demand an end of police state in the region and demand for the acceptence of the demands of the people for better compensation. Karachi LPP and PYF hacve already protested against the arrest l]early this week despite the bad situation in Karachi.

Baba Jan has become the folk hero of the region with his unending entheusism to build a movement for a right of self determination, for more democratic space and building of an alternative subjective factor. he is been protected by the community. housands have taken part in todays action by closing their shops and businesses in support of the protesters.

Baba jan while speaking to a mass meeting in Renala Khurd peasants organised by Anjaman Mozareen Punjab told that we need such a mass movement in our region as well. He extended full support to the struggling peasants for land rights. Now, within months, he along with his comrades and friends, has build a mass movement of resistence in the region not seen earlier.

Although, the local and national media is favouring the PPP government because of their material interest, this movement does not depend on the commercial media.

Please spread this message where ever it is possible

Farooq Tariq
Labour Party Pakistan

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