Gilgit Beltistan/Pakistan: Baba Jan and others denied bail by anti terrorist court

, by LPP

Karachi demonstration for Baba Jan and other activists imprisoned in Gilgit Beltistan

As expected, the bail application of Baba Jan and 20 other activists imprisoned in Gilgit jail has been denied, Baba Jan told us earlier. He has no hope to get any relief from this anti terrorist court in service of the executive of Gilgit Beltistan. Baba Jan and others were arrested after the police killed two – a father and his son – in August 2011 in Hunza for demanding fair compensation for all the victims of Atta Abad lake victims.

In reaction, the people of the city came into streets in thousands demanding the arrest of the police officers involved in killing. To cool down the anger, the administration brought a fake FIR against the police officers. Later Baba Jan – leader of the Progressive Youth front Gilgit Beltistan and member of the federal committee of the Labour Party Pakistan – was arrested along with dozens.

21 political prisoners are still in jail and, on 7th December, the court rejected a bail application of all the accused under anti terrorist laws.

Labour Party Pakistan condemn this decision of the court and demand the withdrawal of all fabricated cases against the group of 21 in Gilgit jail.

We announce to hold an all parties conference in Islamabad on the issue of political prisoners in Pakistan. 21 in Gilgit jail, 9 in Faisalabad, all booked under terrorist laws. Terrorists are free and political activists mainly from the Left trends are in jail. We will fight back, there is no going back.

The details of the all parties conference will be made public soon.

Farooq Tariq
spokesperson Labour Party Pakistan
25 A Davis Road Lahore, Pakistan

Baba Jan poster

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