Labour Party Pakistan elects new leadership

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The Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) Federal Committee meeting – held in Abbot Abad on 23/24 June – elected the new leadership of the party.

Nisar Shah was elected as the new spokesperson of LPP and Ammar Ali Jan is now a new member of the Federal Committee (Pakistan). Niisar Shah is an advocate by profession and was earlier elected as general secretary of the LPP. He was one of the active member of the lawyers movement and is a former student leader from Kashmir.

Baba Jan, the jailed LPP leader, has been elected as the new youth secretary of LPP.

Talat Rubab is the new women secretary of LPP. Noor Nabi, a leader of Okara peasant movement, was elected as the LPP peasant secretary. Nasir Masoor was elected as Labour secretary and Kafait Ullah Khan as secretary Education and culture. Maqsood Mujahid is the new finance secretary of LPP.

The new leadership of LPP is:

General secretary: Younas Rahu
Spokesperson: Nisar Shah
Women secretary: Talat Rubab,
Youth secretary: Baba Jan
Secretary education and culture: Kafait Ullah Khan
Labour secretary: Nasir Mansoor
Finance secretary: Maqsood Mujahid
Peasant secretary: Noor Nabi

LPP federal committee elected a 8 members LPP federal executive committee and they are: Younas Rahu, Farooq Tariq, Nasir Mansoor, Bukhshal Thalloo, Agha Abdul Sattar, Suhail Javed and Nisar Shah.

A five members committee was formed to discuss the merger discussions with two other left wing parties, the Workers Party Pakistan (WPP) and Awami Party Pakistan (APP). This committee is composed of Nisar Shah, Farooq Tariq, Latif Lighari, Younas Rahu, Ammar Ali Jan and Kafait Ullah.

The meeting decided to hold a mass rally on 6th July in Islamabad for the release of the political prisoners in Pakistan including Baba Jan.

A new young leadership of LPP has emerged to take up the challenges to build a democratic socialist party in a society dominated by religious fundamentalism.

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