Pakistan: 15 September: a day in solidarity with those workers killed in Karachi, Lahore

Several political parties and trade unions have called an industrial strike on 15th September and appealed to the working class to close their factories in solidarity with those killed in Lahore and Karachi. The call was made at a press conference held in Lahore on 13th September at Lahore Press Club.

Labour Party Pakistan member federal executive committee Farooq Tariq told the press that their will a complete wheel jam strike in the third largest city of Pakistan by textile workers in solidarity those killed. There will be demonstration in major cities of Pakistan. The Lahore demonstration will be held at Charing Cross Mall Road on 15th September at 3pm.

Farooq Tariq said that if 300 capitalist would have been killed in any incident, the government would have declared a national tragedy and would have called to observe a day of sorrow. Here in Lahore and Karachi, over 325 workers killed in one day because of the negligence of the state institutions, No official day of sorrow is been called by the so-called government of the Peoples Party.

Farooq Tariq said that not a single person have accepted any responsibility of this great tragedy and no minister or adviser or any state bureaucrat have resigned. It shows a complete collapse of morality of the ruling class in Pakistan.

He demanded a million Rupees compensation for all those killed and half a million for the injured. “Health safety measure must be ensured in all industrial institutions and labour laws must be implemented” he demanded.

Farooq Tariq told the press that Awami Party Pakistan, Workers Party Pakistan, Pakistan Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhutto) and different trade unions federation have supported the call to observe 15 September as a black day and asked workers to stay away from their jobs.

Those who spoke at the press conference included Azra Shahd chairperson Women Workers Help Line, Nazli Javed of Labour Education Foundation, Niaz Khan general secretary National Trade Union Federation and Yousaf Baluch chairman NTUF.

15 September

Hyderabad demo: 1.30pm Old Campus Hyderabad

Karachi demo: 4pm from Ghani Churangi SITE industrial area to the factory where 300 worker lost their lives in fire.

Lahore Demo: 3pm at Charing Cross Mall Road

Faisalabad: all power looms and textile factories to be closed and rally from Saddar at 10 am to the city centre


Rally in Karachi on Sat 15 September

On the call of Awami Party, Labour Party, Workers Party and National Trade Union Federation an emergency meeting of fire tragedy at factory was held in Karachi Press Club Yesterday [September 13].

Different left party rep, trade union leaders and human right organizations attended the meeting under the chair of Yusuf Masti Khan, veteran left leader.

It was decided to held joint rally on Sat 15September at 4pm from Ghani Churangi SITE industrial area to the factory where 300 worker lost their lives in fire. A pamphlet will be distributed in all industrial area today and tomorrow. A delegation will also visit the families of the workers died in factory fire.

The meeting was attended by representatives of National Trade Union Federation, Pakistan Workers Federation, Railways Workers Union, Railway Mahnatkash Union, Home Based Women Workers Federation,Now Community, Communist Party,Awami Party, Labour Party,Worker Party, National Students Federation, Karachi Bar, Aurat Foundation, Kohinoor Chemical Union, NIFT Union,Allied Cable Union and many other individuals including Naeem Sadiq.

Nasir Mansoor

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