A second update of ESSF financial solidarity campaigns: March 2010-October 2012

For each solidarity campaigns initiated by ESSF, specific financial updates are regularly posted on our website. In addition, we have already presented a first overall evaluation of the various campaigns for the January 2005-February 2010 period. We publish today a second synthesis covering the following period, from March 2010 to October 2012.

Concerning the conception of these solidarity initiatives, see the introduction to the first overall evaluation on our website (in French: it will soon be available in English too] (ESSF article 16482): Un bilan des campagnes de solidarité financières d’ESSF : janvier 2005-février 2010

Between March 2010 and October 2012, donations were sent to four countries: Bangladesh, Japan, Pakistan and Philippines.

[Note :] The difference between amounts received and the amount sent is due to costs (especially banking charges: transfers…).


A small donation was given at the occasion of the caravan on climate change, gender equality and food sovereignty.

Total received and transferred: € 170

See the Declaration of the caravan: (article 23860): Declaration of the South Asian Caravan 2011 on Climate Change, Gender and Food Sovereignty


Total received: 15.337,73 € and total transferred 14.795 €

See the detailed update (article 24069): Japan : Financial outcome of our solidarity campaign in 2011


August-December, 2010 campaign:

Total received: 7.319,97 € and total transferred 7.200 €

See detailed update (article 27236): The Pakistan Financial Solidarity Campaign: an update for 2010

2011-2012 Campaign:

Total received: 15.125 € and total transferred 14.765 €

See detailed update’ (article 23670): Financial update of the 2011 Pakistan Solidarity Campaign


Total received: 4.178,87 € and total transferred 4.050 €

See detailed update (article 24078): A progress report on the campaign of solidarity with the victims of Typhoon Washi / Sendong in Iligan (Philippines)

Overall donations total

Total for the period from March 2010 to October 2012: 42.131,57 €

Total including the previous period – so from January 2005 to October 2012: 77.291,79 €


918,84 € (including 538,86 € for banking costs for the transfers), thus 2,18% of the amount of donations received.

Origin of the donations

Donations are coming from organizations or individuals. For the period covered here, they came from the following countries: Belgium, Congo, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Quebec, Spanish State, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Turkey, and from the Fourth International.

Toward the creation of a Permanent Solidarity Fund for Asia

From the experience of these previous years, we think that it is now necessary to create a Permament Solidarity Fund for Asia.

Such a fund is being launched. It will not replace specific solidarity campaigns launched after a disaster, but will complement them.

See (article 27234): Creation of a permanent Solidarity Fund for Asia

Pierre Rousset
Danielle Sabai
Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF)

To send donations

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We shall keep you informed through our website of various financial solidarity campaigns.

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