People’s mobilisations and AEPF at the time of the Seoul Third ASEM summit in October 2000

All articles about the October 2000 summit of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) official summit, the people’s mobilizations and the Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) can be find in the sections: “Europe-Asia Relations” and “Asia-Europe People’s Forum”. See:

Europe-Asia Relations

Asia-Europe People’s Forum

The AEPF section notably contains the following articles:

KIM Iggy - January 2001 How an ngo-union partnership suffocated the anti-asem struggle in Korea

WATANABE Hiroshi - December 2000 My impression of the ASEM 2000 People’s Forum in Seoul

TOUSSAINT Eric - November 2000 Seoul: a new stage in the struggle against neoliberal globalization

BRENNAN Brid - 20 October 2000 The Spirit of Seoul

MARTIN Eamon - 20 October 2000 Seoul: Thousands of protesters slam Asia-European summit

DAN Byung-Ho - 17 October 2000 People’s Action and Solidarity Challenging Globalisation

SIVARAKSA Sulak - 17 October 2000 AEPF 3 AEPF 3 Keynote Speech

The “Europe-Asia Relations” section notably contains the following articles:

RICHARDS Gareth Api - 18 October 2000 ASEM: The new politics of development