Syria/Kurdistan: Statement by the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) about the latest events in the city of Amouda

There is a new revolution in Syria’s Kurdistan against PYD’s suppression, massive protests are expected in the following days.

Statement by the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) about the latest events in the city of Amouda, and videos and pictures from the protests and sit ins.

“Whereas the Kurdish Youth Movement “TCK” continues to organize hunger-strike campaigns from Afrin to Derik covering all the areas of the Syria’s Kurdistan in order to put pressure on the Kurdish factions about the importance of avoiding intra-conflicts in this time and to focus on guaranteeing the Kurdish rights by being Commitment to Hawler Agreement, We were shocked about PYD’s latest detaining operation that targeted Kurdish activists on charges of drug dealing and many false accusations that can never belong to these revolutionary activists.

We have waited several days before issuing this statement, to see what will be the reaction of the KNC and the supreme Kurdish Body “SKB”, but we are surprised on how can these factions “KNC and SKB” that suppose to be a support to the Kurdish activists ignore the unjustified assaults by PYD’s security in Amouda.

We have issued this statement to condemn the actions of a Kurdish faction that claim to be defending the Kurds in Syria, something we really didn’t want to.

While asking the PYD to stop such actions and to release all the activists immediately, we do announce officially about TCK’s participating in the peaceful protests all over the Syria’s Kurdistan that demand freedom for these activists.

We do condemn the silence and indifference of the KNC and hold them historical and national responsibility of what’s happening to the Kurdish youth in the Syria’s Kurdistan; While calling on all the movements who represent the Kurdish Youth to protest tomorrow in the city of Dirbesiye and demand the PYD to release all the Kurdish activists immediately.

Finally, We would like to remind all the Kurdish factions about the importance of avoiding intra-conflicts in this time. We ask all the factions to stop media war and meaningless accusations. We ask them that the Kurdish people want them to implement “Hawler agreement”. The current conditions in Syria are helpful for Kurds to gain a historical chance of guaranteeing their rights in a post-Assad Syria; but if the Kurdish factions continued like this, We will miss this chance.

For all to remember: We all have one cause… We have one goal.

The Kurdish Youth Movement, TCK | June 23, 2013.”

From: The Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK)

Past videos and pictures from protests and sit ins in Amouda against PYD:

Latest pictures of the sit in in Amouda:

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Kurdish National Council in Amouda and the Amouda’s coordination committee protesting against the arrest of revolutionary militants by the protection comittee of YPG, subsidiary of People’s PYD, taken to an unknown destination.


The pictures and names of detainees held by the forces of the PYD in columnWallat Ismail al-Omari of Kurdish Youth Federation
Serbst Carpenter (Avahi) Dirsam Adham age of the party Yeketi Kurdish in Syria

Video of protests:

Amouda, injury wife of Serbst Ngari detained by pyd suffered a nervous breakdown

Demonstration in Amouda against PYD arrests

Demonstration is solidarity with Amouda in the city of Derabissyat:

[pictures not reproduced here]