Hungary: Formation of the Lukács Archive International Foundation (LAIF)

, by LAIF

Statement on the formation of the Lukács Archive International Foundation (LAIF) (Hungarian: LANA)

In response to the institutional attack against the Lukács Archive and its international reputation, a new, international organization has been formed—the Lukács Archive International Foundation (LAIF)—to support the ongoing and renewed functioning of the Lukács Archive, to provide for the professional safekeeping and publication of Georg Lukács’s legacy, and to encourage co-operation between Hungarian and international scientific institutions and research centres engaged in Lukács scholarship.

Founded by Ágnes Heller and János Weis, the LAIF seeks to promote research into Lukács’s life work and its historical context through the various means of academic organization (organizing international conferences and establishing grants and fellowships).

The Board of Trustees members so far invited by the founders are: János Kelemen, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (chair); Péter Szigeti DSc (vice-president); Ádám Takács PhD (secretary); Péter Agárdi CSc; Gábor Boros DSc; Gábor Gyáni, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; András Kardos; Zoltán Kenyeres DSc; Tamás Krausz DSc; Miklós Mesterházi CSc; Mária Székely; and Ferenc Tallár DSc.

Under the patronage of Iván Szelényi, LAIF intends to create an international network of patrons, and appeals to Hungarian and international academic colleagues to support its aims via donations.

The Board of Trustees will initiate negotiations shortly with the president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and other partner institutions concerning opportunities for co-operation. Issued by the invited chair of the Board of Trustees and the vice-president of LAIF.

Budapest, 31 August 2016.

Zsuzsa Hermann