Press Release

Pakistan new “anti-honour killing” law: Don’t play with words. Delink it from the Qisas and Diyat Law!

Awami Workers Party rejects anti-honour killing law; delink honor killing from the Qisas and Diyat Law

Awami workers Party rejects the Anti-Honor Killing Law that has been passed by the National Assembly. the law has inherited weakness and fails to fulfil all aspect of justice to the victims of honour killing.

The law continue to make honor killing as a compoundable offence. It allows families to pardon in case of death panelty given in cases of Honor Killing. The Law declares, “honor killing” as fasad-fil-arz but leave this to the discretion of the judge to establish whether the motive behind killing of a woman is honor based. It will be extremely difficult to establish that honor killing is taken place when the offender will deny that he did not killed a woman because of honor.

AWP feels that this law will not make any difference to circumvent the menace of honor killing in the country. We condemn the government for manipulating and playing with words in Anti-Honor Killing Law to compromise on women’s lives. A comprehensive Law is badly needed to protect the lives of women in the country.

AWP demand that parliament immediately review this Law and clearly make the killing of women by the family as a crime against the state. It must delink honor killing from the Qisas and Diyat Law and must not allow the family to forgive in case of killing of a woman by any one member of the family.

AWP is committed to safeguard women’s rights to protection, safety, dignity and equality rights in the society.

Issued by
Farooq Tariq
General Secretary
Awami Workers Party