2016 Year-end Report Wal-Mart China Employees’ Association A call for solidarity – including financial

2016 Year-end Report Wal-mart China Employees’ Association
December 31st 2016 [1]

Dear Wal-Mart colleagues:
Dear friends supporting Wal-Mart colleagues’ rights:


2016 is a very extraordinary year since the establishment of the Wal-Mart China Employees’ Association (hereinafter referred to as “Association”) in 2014. For the first half of the year, the Association and the Wal-Mart colleagues are close and united to launch a nationwide massive resistance campaign against the Integrated Working-hours System forcefully pushed by Wal-Mart China.

Although we did not completely stop Wal-Mart’s implementation of the Integrated Working-hours System, although many of our good colleagues got Wal-Mart’s retaliation because of boycotting the Integrated working hours system and they are in difficult situation, and many even being dismissed! Through the strikes, the network media, litigation, media exposure, petitions and other means, we have seriously tumbled Wal-Mart’s plan to implement the System.

2016 was also a year that the Association had encountered a tough test. It is precisely because of our solidarity and perseverance in the struggle for our rights. So far, Wal-Mart dare not openly admitted they started to implement the Integrated Working-hours System but called it the so-called “hourly pay”. Through this event we further understand the yellow nature of the Wal-Mart trade unions, as well as the yellow unions act as Wal-Mart’s main accomplice to push the System! Originally the Wal-Mart unions should resist the Integrated Working-hours System together with the ordinary employees, and union support is the most powerful weapon to resist the Integrated Working-hours System.

Through the past seven months’ experience against Wal-mart’s strong push to implement the Integrated Working hours System, we should think deeply about the following two questions:

1. How will we reorganize the Wal-Mart-controlled yellow union into a democratically elected union led by the general employees in future? As always, the Association will continue to provide all kinds of support and help to Wal-Mart colleagues on this issue.

2. Wal-Mart always advocates “respect individuals, act in good faith” the so-called Wal-Mart corporate culture to its employees, however, does Wal-Mart itself comply with it?

In the last day of 2016, the Association has done a 2016 year-end report as follow:

In the first four months (from January to April) of 2016, the Association continued to provide a platform for network communication for employees throughout the country through WeChat, QQ, blog and other social media tools, and to provide guidance and other recommendations on laws and rights for Wal-Mart employees.

From May 2016 onward, Wal-Mart workers’ resistance campaign against the Integrated Working hours System has engaged one-fifth of all Wal-Mart employees in China and around twenty thousand Wal-Mart employees were united under the Association’s network platform. At the same time, the Association has withstood more cruel and severe tests coming from all sides.

The key work done by the Association in 2016 is as follow:

1. Provide a platform for network communication for 20,000 Wal-mart China employees throughout the country through WeChat, QQ, blog and other social media tools and to organize together to discuss the plan to resist the implementation of the Integrated Working hours System. Through this platform, Wal-Mart activists and Wal-Mart employees could encourage and interact with each other. This created huge pressure on Wal-Mart.

2. In the early stage of the resistance against the Integrated Working hours System the Association and its lawyer provided assistance to Wal-Mart store employees in different cities, such as legal advice and suggestions when workers had to meet with the labor inspection departments, local trade unions, and had negotiations with Wal-Mart management. It helped the workers discover timely Wal-Mart’s conspiracy plan and thus the Association earned high trust of the Wal-mart workers. [2]

3. According to a video [3] a Walmart regional manager blames Walmart employees would rather believe Zhang Jun, spokesperson of the Association and do not believe the management they with day and night. Text from the video:

“At one of Walmart store meeting, C10 District Manager snapped to the store employees and said:”I do not know who are in your WeChat group. I only know, I would like to remind you all: what is Zhang Jun of the National (Association)? He is just a colleague whom left the company! Do you believe him? Or do you believe people next to you? I just ask you if you believe the management next to you, or you believe the person you have never met before. Who do you believe? Do you believe in the management you work with every day? Nobody believes, right? You only believe the man (Zhang Jun) whom you never knew."

4. The Association launched three petition letters with workers signed with their real names seeking for the assistance of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. One of these letters was signed by nearly a thousand Wal-Mart China shop employees.

5. The Association, through the social media network such as a variety of blogs, WeChat, etc., publicized the status quo and the sudden happenings, in a timely manner to attract society concern and media attention.

6. The Association launched a cultural T-shirt activity and Wal-Mart stores employees wore the T-shirt to promote activities such as the campaign against the Integrated Working hours System and against the pro-management yellow trade union

7, The Association will continue to contact the media, cope with media news coverage, and expand the impact of Wal-Mart employees’ campaign against the Integrated Working hours System.

8. With its accurate positioning and correct strategy, the Wal-Mart employee activities against the Integrated Working hours System launched by the Association were not only supported by many Wal-Mart employees, but also received no objection from the government.

9. The Association has been actively keeping in touch with the United States Wal-Mart employee rights organizations and both sides carried out solidarity actions to support each other.

10. The Association provided lots of legal support to the dismissed Wal-mart employees or those at the brink of dismissal and maximized the protection of their legitimate rights and interests.

11. The Association, through the network platform, also supported the strikes at the Wal-Mart stores across the country by sending red packets/envelopes (cash), etc. to show our solidarity and support.

12. The Association set up the scab list according to information provided by Wal-Mart shop workers. The photos of these scabs and their misdeeds were published on the internet and this effectively curbs their arrogance. Although the official blog of the Association has been blocked 10 times, as a response, the Association would always be timely to establish a new official blog.

13. Wal-Mart workers activists have maintain contact with all levels of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) at local trade unions and seek for their assistance. They also actively lodge complaints to all levels of labor departments and seek support from them.

14. Because of the lack of financial resources, in order to better support the nationwide Wal-Mart employee actions, the Association did not only provide detailed and effective legal support for the employees, including preparing documents for litigation (arbitration), strategy and evidence. The Association also tried hard to raise funds to support those workers having financial difficulty to hire attorneys for their litigation. At the end of the year, the Association launched an“Easy-to-Raise” fund raising campaign to raise legal fees for the Wal-mart workers. [4]

15. From the beginning the Association sets a good position: The Association’s two founding members (Zhang Jun and Zhang Liya) were Wal-Mart employees and thus the Association has been relatively smooth and effective in providing timely and effective support to the Wal-Mart workers.

As a self-help nationwide social media network platform for all Wal-Mart employees, the Association will continue to exist as long as it can and will continue to provide all Wal-mart workers in the country with the support and help within its capacity. Objectively, there is a need for the Association to be long-standing .The reasons are as follow:

My dear Wal-Mart China colleagues, please do not think if you obey or tolerate Wal-Mart implementation of the Integrated Working hours System, Wal-Mart will stop further crushing and exploitation on you. From Wal-Mart’s practice in recent years, we’ve already seen some bad examples. First, they integrated the housing subsidy into the basic wage, then the diligent work bonus into the basic wage and now a strong measure to implement the Integrated Working hours System ... Who can guarantee that Wal-Mart will not carry out retaliation against colleagues who participated in the resistance campaign against the Integrated Working hours System? Who can guarantee that Wal-Mart will not use the Integrated Working hours System to force us into hourly paid workers?

Below are two examples of Wal-mart retaliation on workers:

At the end of May when the resistance campaign against the Integrated Working hours System was about to start, a supervisor at a Wal-Mart store in Xian only mentioned that he will reflect the problem to the trade union. Then in mid-November Wal-Mart’s retaliation was to find an excuse and make him unpaid dismissal. Another case in Shenyang, an employee because of boycotting the Integrated Working hours System, he was closely watched by Wal-Mart during the working hours and finally he was caught with a “mistake” and dismissed. Similar cases happened in Wuhan, Nanchong, Dongguan, etc. and ended up with dismissals.

From these examples, Wal-Mart colleagues nationwide should see: this is the consequence of the Integrated Working hours System not being completely stopped. Originally regular five days work week and eight hours a day standard working hours system can be found, has started to be “erratic” from Shanghai and other cities. From now on, we have lost the predictable standard working-hours system and we are forced to accept Wal-Mart’s further squeeze and exploitation because the characteristics of the Integrated Working-hours System makes you no longer dare to express your views.

To conclude, the Association will exist as long as we can, and continue to provide assistance and support to all Wal-Mart colleagues. We welcome Wal-Mart colleagues to keep in touch with the Association and contact the Association in time when they encounter Wal-Mart infringement on their rights. (The Association’s WeChat public account is being processed and will be announced later).

The Association welcomes Wal-Mart colleagues from all over the country to continue to keep in touch with the Association as always and to meet the next big challenges ahead together ...

Fraternally yours,

Zhang Jun, spoke-person of the Wal-mart China Employees’ Association

The English version was translated by Globalization Monitor.

The original in Chinese can be read below

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2016年的联谊会也是一个经受住严峻考验的一年。正是因为我们大家的团结和坚持不懈的维权斗争,所以至今为止,沃尔玛也不敢公开承认自己开始实施实施综合工时制,而是对外称之为所谓的“小时计薪” 。同时,我们也通过这个事件进一步的明白了沃尔玛工会的黄色性,以及工会黄色性所必然导致其它充当了沃尔玛强推综合工时制的主要帮凶!因为原本沃尔玛的工会是应该和我们普通员工一起抵制综合工时制的,是我们普通员工抵制综合工时制最有力的武器。









三﹑一个沃尔玛区域经理责怪沃尔玛员工宁肯相信联谊会的张军,也不相信与他们朝夕相处的管理层 [[http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5Mjk1NTA0MA==.html]






八、联谊会此次发起的沃尔玛员工抵制综合工时制的活动 ,因为定位准确,维权策略适当,不但得到众多沃尔玛员工的支持, 也没有遭致来自政府的反对。



11. The Association, through the network platform, also supported the strikes at the Wal-Mart stores across the country by sending red packets/envelopes (cash), etc. to show our solidarity and support.



十四、因为联谊会没有资金来源,为了更好的支持全国沃尔玛各地员工的维权行动,联谊会不但给维权的员工提供详尽、有效的法律支持,包括诉状、维权策略、证据等提起诉讼(仲裁)之前的前期准备工作,而且对经济困难无力委托律师的员工,力争筹集资金来支持他们维权诉讼的顺利进行,并在年末发起了轻松筹的活动来为他们筹集律师費用。详情见网址链接: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_165118a8b0102wig8.html

十五、联谊会自始至终的定位适当: 联谊会的发起人都是沃尔玛员工,所以一直比较顺利、且有效的在为沃尔玛工人提供着及时有效的支持。








Fraternally yours,
Zhang Jun, spoke-person of the Wal-mart China Employees’ Association