Forward in Martinique, Guadeloupe and the last remaining colonies!


Forward in Martinique, Guadeloupe and the last remaining colonies!

French political leaders are finally discovering that Guyane, overwhelmed by problems, is rising up as one man, as one woman!

As in 2009, [1] the French press and the government first of all stayed silent. But the barrages and blockades, sector after sector, have forced them to end their silence.

Today everyone wants to “take an interest” in Guyanese problems. But we point out:

• Without the struggle, the initiative and the determination of the Guyanese, the indifference and the contempt would have continued.

• The envoys from Paris, even if they are the ministers that people are demanding, will only do a temporary repair job if the Guyanese workers and people do not remain mobilized, do not ensure strict control of the negotiations, do not obtain the powers that will enable them to implement the measures that the situation demands.

The fact that the trade union movement has moved into action is an excellent thing.

By taking to the streets, the Guyanese popular forces are clearly indicating that their demands concern everything that these ladies and gentlemen call “overseas”.

Yes, everyone knows that 2009 posed the problems in our countries, obtained positive measures, woke people up, but that the government and the profiteers, in taking back control, did not respect many agreements, sabotaged some and put an end to the implementation of the others as soon as they could.

Today Guyane has once again opened up a breach.

We will neither copy it, nor leave it on its own, nor remain inactive.

What is necessary is to take once again the path of struggle, working overtime to make up for the delay in rebuilding trade-union and popular unity and redefining an overall platform of demands.

Everyone is concerned: unions, working-class parties, combative associations and ordinary citizens.

We can begin with some sectors, not all of them and not only one. But we must begin.

The situation demands that we mobilize;


Solidarité! Unité! Mobilisation!

GRS (Groupe révolution socialiste), Fort de France, Martinique, le 27 mars 2017


* Traduction IVP.


[1In January 2009 a general strike began in Guadeloupe, later spreading to Martinique. At the beginning of March the strike ended when the government accepted all of the demands of the movement.