Indonesia Prefer to Save the Road Project than the lives of Papuans

, by Suara Papua

JAYAPURA, Chairman of West Papua National Command (KNPB) Victor Yeimo asserted that the Indonesian government and its administration up to now prefer to save road projects in Papua land rather than save the lives of Papuans.

Victor F. Yeimo, ketua umum KNPB Pusat. (IST - SP)

“It’s proven clearly. The true character and faces of Indonesia are shown in Deiyai’s case. Indonesia, ranging from Jokowi to Indonesian National Army (TNI) and Indonesian National Police (Polri) prefer to save the road project than to save the lives of Papuans, “said Yeimo to from Jayapura responded to the incident in Deiya, Friday (4/8/2017).

Yemo said, the true character of Indonesia shown is more concerned to the development of infrastructure than the survival of Papuan is reflected clearly from the attitude of contractors working on the bridge in Oneibo village.

“Indonesia is more concerned with road construction than lending vehicles to save Ravianus Douw’s life. It is clear for them: Papuans are animals that must be abolished, and infrastructure projects must be built for colonial and capitalist occupation on Papuan land, ” Victro said sternly.

According to him, the shooting that killed Yulianus Pigai was a reflection for all Papuans in the West Papua region that still glorify Republic of Indonesia.

“The shootings in Deiyai ​​became a reflection for everyone who still glorifies NKRI. The people of West Papua should be aware that there is no hope for life in Indonesia. Papuan life can be revoked anytime Indonesia wants. Papuan life in the eyes of Indonesia is meaningless. Therefore the Papuan must be aware, “Yeimo hoped.

Member of People’s Representative Council (DPR) Papua, Laurenzus Kadepa added, public must know that in this country, Papua Land, there is a strong suspicion that Papuans are strictly forbidden to live. Forbidden to get legal justice, and Papuans are always blamed.

“It is useless for the DPR Papua, National Commission of Human Rights (KOMNAS HAM), church, NGO, even TNI to establish their respective teams if the result still disappoints the victims. Even though many teams had been formed during all this time, the perpetrators have never been put on trial and punished. This is the fact that in the eyes of others, the Papuan are not human.” Stressed him upset for the Indonesian’s government against Papuan.

DPR of Papua, Kadepa said, has always had difficulty in handling the cases that hit the Papuan. Even more difficult in handling shooting cases which have direct involvement of military personnel. Bloody Wamena, Bloody Wasior, Bloody Biak, Bloogy Paniai and other cases in Papua. Despite having an accurate data, there are eyewitnesses, evidence, and clear culprit. But until now the cases are left undone.

“So for the Deiyai ​​case we hope it is can be revealed,” he said. (RC/SP)

Suara Papua - August 11, 2017016

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