Duyog Marawi

Mindanao (Philippines) – Relief Operation Continue for Marawi Internally Displaced Persons

It’s already three (3) months but no one could say the real truth about the status of Marawi today except the concrete evidence that until this date the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) still on their location in different areas in Iligan City and other places. Some says that the stage of response was moving to early recovery but how comes it happen considering that until now no IDPs return in their original places in Marawi City because of continues armed confrontation in the area. No certain updates about the condition inside the city because media institutions or individuals strongly relies their information from one source only (the military/government) and there’s no independent news generated.

Highly professionalized meetings with many agencies and high profiles personalities have regularly made but there was no sufficient outcome/impact in the condition of IDP families especially to those categorized as home-based. All facilities utilized by IDPs were identified as legitimate thru green/yellow green flag putted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and it was very common anywhere in Iligan City in particular.

As part of RDRRAC-MIHANDs continuing support to less-served home-based IDP families, on August 23 & 24, 2017 the Relief Distribution Operation (RDO) team conducted relief distribution after producement and repacking activities. The target of the distribution were the 36 IDPs families temporarlily live at Ampuan Bldg., Noroniza Bldg. and Maneras Bldg. Celdran-Tubod, Iligan City. They were the few of the thousands less-served home-based IDP families in Iligan City because large volumes of relief goods usually goes to government declared evacuatiion centers.

Relief packs composed of food items, hygiene kits and infant kits and during the distribution some of the IDPs asking if the rice we’ve distributed is NFA [National Food Administration] rice because they always receive NFA rice from the DSWD which they have described “mabaho” [smelling bad]. When they knew that the rice was commercial they’ve appreciated much more that vegetable was also included in the food pack items. Toys were also distributed to 14 children particularly at Maneras building.


August 28, 2017

 How RDRRAC – MiHANDs conducted its relief distribution

Repacking of Relief Goods:

In every Relief Distribution Operation (RDO) of RDRRAC – MiHANDs, repacking of goods was the very common preparatory activities conducted by the Relief Committee/Team to ensure that relief assistance align with the target numbers of families to be served at the same time the quality of the relief goods.

Sometimes this component usually tap – down, means the responders choice and pressumptions prevails and IDPs are merely petiful recipient without any consideration the actual conditions and needs.

Relief Distribution Operation (RDO):

The IDP families in different locations even in Iligan City only experienced more difficulties in terms of basic needs mainly food especially those categorized as “Homebased,” or IDPs living outside government declared evacuation center. Any assistance from different humanitarian groups usually focused to official Ecs but very minimal to homebased. Barangay Local Government Units (BLGUs) were the main players attending the homebased IDPs but suport depends on availability of supplies received from Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD) and other donors.

Based on RDRRAC – MiHANDs’ actual experiences giving relief assistance to homebased IDPs, it found out that they (homebased IDPs) have difficulties in accessing relief assistance. The usual patterns that the BLGU will calls the IDPs to gather in designated place during distribution of relief goods resulted to very crowded and usually created tensions. It was a public knowledged that homebased IDPs location have distance in the Barangay Hall/center and basically it requuires the IDPs to used money in the transportation.

RDRRAC – MiHANDs conducted its relief distribution in by area basis according to area/s that already validated by its documentation committee. Identify the numbers of IDP families per area and delivers the relief goods in their door to lesses burdens in accessing the assistance and at the same time to avoid crowd tension.

This mechanics found out effective and at the same time mangeable and provided primary attention to less-served IDPs although, they were legitimate IDPs with corresponding verification from government.

On July 20, 2017, relief distribution conducted at Brgy. Sto. Rosario, Iligan City serving 76 families or approximately 380 individuals and they’ve received food packs and hygiene kits plus 5 infant kits for families with infant 0-1 years old or with pregnant with minimum 5 months and above. The IDPs in this area located in 3 diffrent locations but their category is homebased.

IDP families in this place were observed that belongs to middle class income category of living.

On July 23, 2017, relief distribution conducted at Purok 17, Brgy. Palao, Iligan City servicing 7 families which temporarly took sheltered in their relatives.

At the same date, relief distribution proceeded to Bacayo, Brgy. Tubod, Iligan City and another 4 families p[rovided with relief goods (food packs & hygiene kits).

IDP families in this place were observed that belongs to middle class income category of living.

On July 27, 2017 the relief distribution conducted at Bangko Bldg. Celdran Village Brgy. Tubod, Iligan City serving 24 families with food packs and hygiene kits plus 5 infant kits. The location was a foreclosed building where the 24 families temporarily live with light (power supply and water facilities. During conversation with some of the occupants, the costudian of the building which is also a Maranaw allowed them to occupy the area together with his relatives from Marawi City also. IDPs families in this place were observed that belongs to below minimum income category of living.

On July 31, 2017 the relief distribution conducted at Radiamoda Bldg. Celdran Village Brgy. Tubod, Iligan City serving 38 families with food packs and hygiene kits plus 12 infant kits.

IDP families in this place were observed that belongs to below minimum income category of living.

The above mentioned IDPs in different locations were only few of the thousands unreached and left-out in terms of equitable distribution of relief assistance. RDRRAC – MiHANDs again inviting more partner organizations or individuals to take part in this initiatives. Many areas already validated by RDRRAC – MiHANDs that until know are waiting for your help in this difficult condition that no one knows when their (IDPs) agony’s ended.

RDRRAC – MiHANDS: Duyog Marawi Continues
By: ARB – Relief Distribution Operation (RDO) Team

July 31, 2017

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