Appeal for Funds to Support Those Affected by Repression in Turkey

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The Erdogan regime is developing into a dictatorship that undermines human rights and that instigates reprisals on any who do not co-operate. The year 2015 saw massive reprisals against the Kurdish population. The army attacked numerous Kurdish towns and villages, many of which were shelled by land and air. Special units carried out mass executions.

A group of academics, wishing to make a stand against this action, published a declaration in January 2016 with 1128 signatures. The title of the declaration was ‘We will not be party to this crime’. They demanded that the government lift the curfew, punish those responsible for infringements of human rights, and also that the government compensate financially any citizen who had suffered material or psychological harm. In a very short period of time the number of signatories rose to over 2,200.

The academics who signed this declaration have been suspended from their posts at the universities, have had their contracts withdrawn and all have been put on trial. The charge of which they are accused is that of providing propaganda for a terrorist organisation. If they are found guilty they are each liable to a prison sentence of up to seven and a half years. Amongst these academics are comrades from the Turkish section of the Fourth International.

Some of the signatories, as a result of the hostile and repressive atmosphere and unemployment, have left Turkey. The vast majority has, however, stayed in Turkey to continue their fight against this authoritarian regime. They are organising lectures in ‘solidarity academies’. Until now such lectures have been held in 10 cities.

Erdogan’s aim is to block critical voices, in particular those of left wing academics, and to prevent them from influencing public opinion. The Erdogan Regime is seeking to ensure that the younger generation adopts a conservative-islamic world view.

Without any employment and in the face of potentially high legal costs these comrades face financial ruin. We want to be able to help them, at the very least with such expenses. For this reason we ask for your donations.

Appeal issued by the Internationale Sozialistische Organisation (ISO), German section of the Fourth International

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