Duterte & Marcos: Statement on the Abolition of the Philippine Commission on Good Government (PCGG)

The move to abolish the Philippine Commission on Good Government (PCGG) is another dastardly act!

Rather than give closure to a bloody and human rights violations-laden period of the country’s political life, this action is actually rubbing salt to the wounds of thousands of victims of the Marcos dictatorship.

Many of these victims are workers, peasants, students, professionals and church workers, some survived, some felled by the butchers of the dictator.

It is ironic, that today, thousands of Filipinos who survived and the families of those who did not make it, have lined up many ATMs of LandBank, checking on the monetary reparation from the very few stolen money and liquid property of the Marcos family. Those who survived were able to secure P4,000 pesos, while the heir of the those who died were given only P10,000, and had to wait for 15 years before the government could enforce and give it to the victims. The Marcos family, yes, the same Bong Bong Marcos who is hell-bent in stealing the vice presidency from the sitting Vice President, the same Imee Marcos who is currently the governor of Ilocos Norte, has challenged the court decisions every step of the way.

The abolition only serves the interests of the Marcoses, and not the Filipino people. It will effectively sidestep important issues such as the following:

First, the government has yet to recover millions of dollars stolen by the Marcoses. The amount, estimated to be at least P10 million dollars, would really help the families of the victims many of whom remain as poor as they were during the time of Marcos.

Second, the Marcos family has yet recognize of their deeds and to make a formal apology.

And third, the country has yet to formulate a mechanism to prevent the reappearance of another dictator.

The government is very slow in eliminating the contractualization yet it showed swiftness and efficiency in abolishing an agency which demonstrates the misdeeds of one family.

Indeed, Mr. Duterte is fast-shedding the last vestiges of its pretence as pro-poor.

We call on all democratic forces to work together to ensure that this legislation is defeated.

Never Again to the Marcoses!


During May First mobilisation. Photo Jojo Vitug.


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