Verdict on Turkey and Kurds

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The request to consider the evidence related to the conflict between the Turkish State and the Kurdish people was first submitted to the PPT in July 2017.

The terms of reference:

a) a specific focus on the most recent period and events, with consideration of the historical and broader geopolitical background;

b) to consider the severity of the conflict and the respective responsibilities for systematic violations of fundamental individual and peoples’ rights of the Kurdish population, as well as denial of their right to self-determination;

c) an assessment of the responsibilities of the main actors in the conflict according to the principles and binding provisions and instruments of international law.

In compliance with the terms of reference of its statute, the Secretariat of the PPT activated the procedures of verification of the contents of the request, as well as of the qualification of the proponents, to assess specifically whether the request could be considered within the competences of the PPT, and whether it corresponded to the broader doctrinal perspective of the Charter of the same PPT, the Universal Declaration of Peoples Rights (Algiers, 1976), and of its successive interpretations across the more than 40 previously assessed cases.

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