Indonesia: Thanks for ESSF support to our activities against sexual harassment and for the recognition of women workers’ rights

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Since December 2016 ESSF has been providing annual support to Perempuan Mahardhika (Free Women) for its activities with women workers in Cakun, an industrial zone in the north of Jakarta, against sexual harassment and for the recognition of their rights, particularly regarding maternity benefits.

€2,000 were transferred to Perempuan Mahardhika in 2016 and €1,000 in 2017 – so €3,000 in total (2016-2017).

Thanks for ESSF support

Perempuan Mahardhika would like to thank for the support of the ESSF in supporting our efforts against sexual harassment in the workplace, especially in the work environment of women garment workers. The advocacy that took place in 2016 has succeeded in encouraging the Women’s Workers Advocacy Post (in January 2017), the post is managed by KBN Women’s Workers’ Committee, an joint alliance where Perempuan Mahardhika and FBLP involve.

The funding from ESSF focuses on the production of campaign tools (information materials) on sexual harassment and training for female workers who will volunteer for the Post management.

Shyness, considering as a common act, fear of reporting and lack of understanding about sexual harassment are some of the field findings that cause women workers to be reluctant to report. The material information we produce serves to explain the forms and references to report. Volunteer training aims to prepare volunteers with gender sensitivity and the ability to receive complaints.

The posts and efforts to eliminate sexual violence on women garment workers continue to move forward. We hope the ESSF can continue to support this effort. Thanks.

in solidarity,
Ika, for Perempuan Mahardhika

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