UK: Gender Recognition Act Open Letter – Against transphobia

Dear Editor,

We, the undersigned, have a variety of positions about proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. Some of us have not yet fully formed our opinions.

We are calling for action within our movement to allow informed discussion to take place over proposed changes to the Act.

You may be aware of a vicious and hostile environment created online by the Tory press and some people within our movement, including small numbers of trade union activists, members of the Labour Party and some other left-wing parties.

Some tactics which are employed include but are not limited to:

• Deliberately mis-gendering people. In particular, referring to trans women as men.

• Deliberately dead naming trans people (referring to them by the name given to them at birth).

• Suggesting that the parents of trans children are guilty of child abuse for supporting their children’s identity.

• Referring to cis women who support trans women as among other things, handmaidens and not good enough feminists.

• The daily abuse of many prominent trans people.

• The abuse of trans women invited to speak at women’s events.

• The suggestion that trans men are actually women, who find it easier to live as men.

• The erasure of the existence of non-binary people in many discussions.

• The reporting of trans people and allies to their employers, in order to cause them problems at work.

These tactics are systematic attempts to shut down the views of women and others who do not agree with the anti-trans agenda, and to deny us our rights to discuss potential legislative changes and conclude that they will have no impact on any sex-based rights already enshrined in law. Changes in the way trans people are able to legally identify themselves will have no impact on sex-based exemptions in the Equality Act (2010).

Thankfully we have the power of our progressive movement to counteract these tactics. Major trade unions such as PCS, UCU, NEU, Unite and Unison have confirmed their support for trans rights. We are pleased to note that the general secretary of Unite the Union has now clarified his own position and that of his union as being supportive of trans people.

We are not afraid to continue to voice our support for trans people or to continue to progress the policies of our unions or to support the leader of the Labour Party on this matter.

Some of us are what some may choose to describe as “ordinary women”, some of us are active in the Labour and Trade Union movement and other political campaigns.

Although we are deeply concerned about the effects of the people focussing their energies on the Gender Recognition Act, often from a place of misinformation and/or prejudice, we are not afraid to organise political activity, meetings or protests on these issues.

Despite the whole weight of the Tory press and its allies against us, our voices will not be silenced.

We are sure that, whatever your view regarding the issues around the Gender Recognition Act, you will agree that it is unacceptable for the Tory press, those against self-identification of trans people and those supportive of particular streams of feminism, to attempt to make anyone scared to engage in political life.

We, the undersigned, publicly and unequivocally condemn the use of violence or tactics of intimidation including those listed above, on this issue.

Signed (in a personal capacity, even where not stated, unless specifically stated otherwise)

Sue Abbott UCU NEC and Chair of women members standing committee
Debbie Adams, ordinary woman
Saira Afzal, PCS rep and Labour Party member
Kate Ahrens, personal capacity
Ian Allinson Unite activist
Jo Almond, Unite member
Cllr Anwen Muston, City of Wolverhampton councillors, LGBT Officer Wolverhampton SE CLP, UNISON member
Pura Ariza, UCU NEC Women’s Officer
Jonathan Atkinson
Olivia Atkinson, Community Involvement Co-ordinator, Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
Dr Grietje Baars, Senior Lecturer/City UCU Equality Officer, The City Law School, City University of London
Andy Bateman, UCU Bradford University, Counselling and Psychotherapy Union, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, member Gendered Intelligence network
Sarah Bennett, Branch Secretary Unite National Publishing and Media Branch
Asa Benstead, child & family social worker & UNISON workplace rep
Chris Bangs, High Peak Labour Party
Richard Banks
Korin Banrigh, personal capacity
Meg-John Barker, University & College Union
Fran Belbin
Rich Belbin, treasurer South Yorkshire Not for Profit Unite
Dom Bennett, Withington CLP and Unison University of Manchester branch
Rhiannon Bennett, Labour Community Councillor for Coed Eva Ward, Cwmbran
Tyler Bennetts, Equalities Officer South East Cornwall CLP
Andrew Berry, UNISON National Labour Link Committee
Hannah Berry, Manchester Central CLP
Pete Bicknell, UCU Lewisham Southwark College, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Heather Bird
Juliet Birkbeck MBACP
Kris Black LLB (Hons), BACP, UKCP reg psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor and trainer. Member Labour Party, UNISON, PCSR, PCU, Pink Therapy and BAATN
Jay Blackwood, Joint LGBT Officer, Bristol Unite Community Branch
Rhiannon Blake, Labour Party member (personal capacity)
John Boadle, Socialist Party member and PCS retired member
Emma Bofinger, member of the Labour Party and Unite
Cath Booth, UCU and Gorton CLP member
Janine Booth
Clare Bonetree
Tracy Boyce, PCS
Andy Boylan, PCS Defence Sector Group (personal capacity)
Gwyneth Brain, LGBT+ Officer for Bristol South Labour Party and Unite member
Chrissy Brand
Jo Brewis, the Open University
Fiona Brittle, PCS rep and Greater Glasgow Branch Young Members’ Officer (personal capacity)
Tess Brooks, member Unite Community & Colchester CLP
Alison Brown, Yorkshire Ambulance UNISON, Gleadless Valley Labour Party
Charles Brown, UCU and Labour Party member
Mandy Brown, UCU NEC and London Regional Secretary
Xenia Brunel
Eleanor Bullen
Rick Burgess supports self ID
Donna Burton
Sue Caldwell, NEU Rep, Urswick School, Hackney
Angie Campbell-Cairns
Justine Canady, UCL Women’s Officer
Bryan Carlson, PCS HSE branch secretary and PSG GEC member
Caroline Carney, LGBTI Officer Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Ginette Carpenter
Christopher Carroll, PCS member (personal capacity)
Aimee Challenor, signing as Equalities (LGBTIQA+) Spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales
Lyndon Chaney, Labour member
Bridget Chapman, NEU
Serena Cheung
Anna Chivers, UNISON member
Josh Chown, Guildford CLP
Cllr Ben Clay, Manchester Labour councillor
Teresa Clark, Secretary Lewisham West & Penge CLP, Vice-Chair Labour Party Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee, former President PCS Education Group (personal capacity)
Joe Clough, Labour Party and Unite member
Roderick Cobley, Unite rep
Floyd Codlin, PCS Arms & PCS Culture – personal capacity
Carol Cody, UCU North West Women’s Equality rep
Ronete Cohen, human being
Paula Collins, South Beds CLP
Tony Collins, RMT rep/activist, London Underground
Polly Conroy, Counsellor on trans issues (retired)
Steve Conway
Terry Conway, Chair Islington Unite Community, LGBT Officer Islington North CLP – personal capacity
Maddy Cooper, Camden Unison Shop Steward (personal capacity)
Siobhan Corria
Joy Coughlan, Unison Equalities Rep.; Disability Officer Cardiff North CLP (pc)
Lucy Cox, NEU – personal capacity
Cllr Bev Craig, Executive Member Manchester City Council and Women’s Officer Manchester Withington CLP
Karon Crawford, personal capacity
Martin Crawford, personal capacity
Hazel Croft – Unison, UCL, personal capacity
Pam Crossland LGBT officer Blackley & Broughton CLP GM Unite Community
Dan Crowter, Coventry UNISON Young Members Officer (personal capacity)
Victoria Cuckson, Bootle CLP and PCS member
Freya Cumming-Webb, Broxtowe CLP Disability Officer
Sean Cummins
MiaTanya Bininfia Curran
Simon Dalfen signing as PCS DWP North West Regional Equality Officer
Michael Dance, NEU London LGBT+ National Organising Forum Member
Cllr David Daniels, Torfaen County Borough Councillor and Cabinet Member, member of Unite
Hazel Danson, National Executive NEU (NUT section)
Dean Davidson
Chris Day, Organiser, PCS National Archives branch (personal capacity)
Dawn Day, Labour Party member
Donnacha DeLong, NUJ past president
Jim Denham, Unite and Selly Oak CLP
Adam Di Chiara, Unite Rep, NUJ Branch Officer
Dee Dickens
Phil Dickens signing as PCS R&C Assistant Secretary and NEC member
Gillian Donaldson-Selby, Prospect Equality Rep (personal capacity)
Jade Doswell, Unite and Withington CLP member
Lesley Dougan MBACP
Paul Dovey, personal capacity
Tina Downes, Shipley CLP chair, Chair UCU Y&H Retired Members (personal capacity)
Nicky Downes, Equalities Officer, Coventry NEU (NUT section)
Bronwyn Driver, Labour Party member
Gary Duke, UCU member
Martha M Dunkley, DipCouns (PCA) Director CliniQ CIC
Rachel Eborall, Health Worker, UNITE
Michelle Edwards, UNISON Branch LGBT Officer
Robin Edwards, member Ashfield CLP
Mel Eggleton, Rame & Torpoint CLP Branch Executive Committee, personal capacity
Jennifer Elliott, Unite member
Celia Emery, Co-Disability Officer Huntingdon CLP
Martin Empson
Sarah Ensor, PCS rep IOPC
Bethan Erin Evans, USDAW member, personal capacity
Kathy Evans, Labour councillor
Matt Exley signing as Branch Chair, PCS – National Museums Liverpool and PCS Culture Group GEC member
Mrs Fiona Fairless
Colin Fancy, Unite member and John Roan Resists anti academies campaigner
Dr. Lynne Fanthome, UCU member
Ben Farnworth
Sam Feeney, MBACP, Co-LGBT Officer, UNISON – Cambridgeshire County Branch & LGBT Officer Huntingdon CLP
Tony Fenwick MBE, CEO Schools OUT UK/LGBT History Month, NEU (NUT Section) Eastern Region NOF, NEU (NUT Section) Equalities Officer Luton Division, SERTUC LGBT+ LESE member
Nicola Field, writer, activist, NUJ member & original member of Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners
Max Fisher, Equality & Diversity Officer Nottingham Trent Students’ Union, 2016/17 and 2017/18
Helen Flanagan, PCS and GMB member (personal capacity)
Councillor Grace Fletcher-Hackwood, Manchester City Council & Manchester Gorton CLP
Cllr Felicity Flynn, Labour councillor, PCS
Alexandra Forshaw, Labour Party member
Joey Frances, Withington Labour Party member
Cathryn Fraser, Labour Party member and Unite member
Denise Friend, Labour Party Branch Women’s Officer, member of Momentum
Cllr Osh Gantly (Labour), Highbury East Ward, London Borough of Islington
Michael Gardiner, Labour Party member and UCU member, committee member at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (personal capacity)
Rob Gardiner, Labour Party member, NHS Officer for Huntingdon CLP (personal capacity)
Stella Gardiner, RMT member, Green Party member
Steve Garelick, London & East England Officer GMB
Ray Garner, IWW member (personal capacity)
Sophie Garrett, Wrekin Labour member, Unite Community member
Craig Gent, UCU member
Carol Gerrard, PCS
Pete Gillard, Unite retired member, Treasurer Health Campaigns Together
Sarah Gillibrand Labour Party member
Vicky Gillibrand, Labour Party member, Manchester University Hospital Foundation NHS Trust child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Manager
Colette Gilmore, Labour Party member & member of RCN (personal capacity)
Gill George, former EC member, Unite, Chair Shropshire Defend our NHS
Lee Glover, Labour Party and PCS member
Andrew Godfrey, LGBT+ Officer Cardiff Central CLP
Vicky-Jane Gooding, Labour Party member
Gill Goodswen, past president NUT, Labour Party member
Priyamvada Gopal, personal capacity
Cllr Stephanie Grant, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, Basingstoke CLP
Stephen Gray, PCS Equality Rep (personal capacity)
Rob Grayston, Chair South Cambs CLP
David Greenall
Dorian Griffiths, PCS member
Councillor Owen Griffiths, Vale of Glamorgan Council, LGBT+ Officer Vale of Glamorgan CLP, Secretary LGBT Labour Wales (all in a personal capacity)
Steven Griffiths, PCS member
Jacquie Hadfield, PCS Associate and Retired Members in a personal capacity
Stephen Hall, secretary of Unite NW0523 and President of Greater Manchester Association of Trade Union Councils
Natalie Halman, Labour Party member (personal capacity)
Trudi Halpin
Lorraine Harding, Unite Community member, Equalities Officer Gedling CLP (pc)
Dr Kate Hardy, University of Leeds
Paul Harnett
Alison Harris, Chair, Greater Manchester Socialist Health Association, UNITE the Union workplace representative (personal capacity)
Kate Harris, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP (pc)
Louise Hart, Labour Party member
Alexandria Hassett, Thamesmead Moorings Vice Chair and Organiser, LCF Vice Chair and Campaigns Co-Ordinator
Tanya Hawkes: Labour Party member and Unite member
Annie Hawksley, Labour party member and branch secretary (personal capacity)
Matthew Heaney, Political education co-officer, Labour International CLP (personal capacity)
Elane Heffernan, UCU NEC
Kris Hendry, signing as PCS Proud national committee member
Alyssa Henley, signing as Chief Operating Officer, Support U
Heather Herbert, Aberdeen CLP
Rebecca Alice Hills (personal capacity)
Amy Hills-Fletcher, Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP and NEU member
Jackie Hilton, Plymouth – member of the Labour Party, GMB union and Momentum
Melissa Hind, Division Secretary of Kensington and Chelsea NEU (NUT Section), Co-chair of the London NEU LGBT+ Educators Network.
Emma Hirst
Ian Hodson, signing as President of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union
Susanne Hofmann
Jason Holdway
Mark Hollinrake, PCS rep
Mike Homfray, Bootle CLP
Julia Hope, Labour Party member, personal signature
Sam Hope, Ashfield CLP
Charlie Hore, UNISON rep (pc)
Jessie Horner, South East Cambs CLP & UNISON member
Rob Hoveman, Unite
Emily Howard (personal capacity)
Mandy Hudson – National Education Union – NUT section exec member for disabled members
Charlotte Hughes, Labour Party and Unite Community member
Emma Hughes, PCS, Liverpool
Georgie Hulme, Hulme Labour Party and Unite Community member
Rosie Huzzard
Madeleine Imogen, Co-chair, LGBT Labour Wales
Steve Ion, PCS Retired Section National Committee Member
Sacha Ismail, Lewisham for Corbyn/Momentum co-secretary (pc)
Alena Ivanova, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP, Unite London Not for Profit branch, Tower Hamlets Momentum
Phil Jackson, Labour Party member, Co-Founder, Stop HDV Campaign Haringey
Vijay Jackson, Youth and Students Officer of Edinburgh Central CLP, Treasurer of Momentum Edinburgh, and Communications Officer of the Scottish Labour Young Socialists
Katy Jago, Labour Party member
Keira James, IWW and Action for Trans Health member (personal capacity)
Saul Jeavons, Huntingdon CLP
Paula Jewers, Labour Party & Momentum member
Karen Johnson
Chris Jones, UCU Wales FE
Diane Jones, Branch Secretary Aberystwyth University UNISON Branch; Workplace Steward; Higher Education Service Group Member; UNISON Women’s Group Member (personal capacity)
Emily Jones, Manchester Gorton CLP Women’s Officer, Unite member
Richard Jones
Roz Kaveney, personal capacity
Michael Kearney – City of York NEU NUT Section President and NEU Northern Region LGBT+ NOF Rep
Beverley Keenan, member of NEU and Stretford and Urmston CLP
Jane Kelly, Camberwell & Packham Labour Party, personal capacity
Sam Kelly, Labour Party member and PCS Union member
Jez Kemp, Labour member
Heidy Kempe-Bottcher
Natacha Kennedy, member UCU & Eltham CLP
Jennie Kermode, NUJ
Mary Kerr, signing as Equalities Officer, Kent Division NEU – NUT Section
Eileen Kersey, Hull West and Hessle CLP
Thom Kirkwood, Great Horton Branch Secretary (Bradford South CLP), Information Officer, Young Teachers’ Officer, and school rep, Bradford NEU
Ita Kirrane, Labour Party member
Charlie Kiss, Camden UNISON
Jade Knight, UNISON member, personal capacity
Karina Knight, Unison member, Manchester City CLP
Andrew Knowles signing as PCS DWP North West Regional secretary
Nina Laithwaite, PCS ULR
Catherine Lane, Labour Party member and Unison member
Gareth Lane, Wentworth & Dearne CLP
Anna Langley, UCU member, University of Cambridge
Ian Lawther, PCS Branch Chair & Assistant Group Secretary (personal capacity)
Rob Leach, Campaign Co-ordinator & Agent, Huntingdon CLP
Cleo Lewis, Joint Equalities Officer Lewisham NEU (NUT section)
Robin J. Lewis, Secretary Brecon and Radnorshire CLP, personal capacity
Jamye Lewis (personal capacity)
Philip Lewis, Camden UNISON Branch Health & Safety officer, UNISON Regional Health & Safety Comm. Vice Chair Unison NHSC (pc), Chair, London Hazards Trust (pc), Trustee, London Asbestos Support Awareness Group (pc), Member of the National Hazards Campaign committee (pc), UK Workstress Steering Group social media secretary (pc)
Gwyneth Lonergan, Huddersfield CLP
Zed Lomax DT teacher Waltham Forest
Tanya Stephanie Love, former Secretary, South Telford Labour Party
Rob Lugg, Unite Rep – Branch LE/427 & TULO Battersea CLP
Rhiannon Lockley, UCU NEC, Dudley South CLP
Tanya Mackle (personal capacity)
Jenny Mahimbo, co-chair, Labour International CLP (in an official capacity)
Deej Malik-Johnson, Welfare Officer University of Manchester Student’s Union
Chris Marks signing a PCS DWP GEC member
Marion Mayer Vice Chair Bournemouth UCU, Chair Southern Region UCU, Bournemouth CLP
Hazel Mayow
Kirsty McArthur
Chris McCabe, Labour Party member, Sandy, Beds
Katy McCafferty, Labour International CLP
Liam McCafferty, LGBT officer Torfaen CLP
Lauren McCourt, Youth Rep, Executive Council, Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (personal capacity)
Charlie McDonald, PCS DWP London region organiser and West Ham CLP
Neil McDonald MBE, Labour Party member (personal capacity)
Richard McEwan UCU FE National Negotiator
AJ McKenna, Unite member
Jo McKillop AMRSB, University of Roehampton (personal capacity)
Ruairidh MacLean, member of UCU
Alasdair McNab, Labour Party member (personal capacity)
Jo McNeill, President, University of Liverpool UCU & NEC & Liverpool Riverside CLP
Urte Macikene, Youth Officer, Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Lily Madigan
Despina Mavrou, Newham NEU (NUT section)
Kate Mayer, GMB member
George Maynard, Labour Party member
Simon Meech, LGBT Officer for Redcar CLP, Chair Redcar LGBT Labour
Lindsay Melia, Labour councillor
Stephe Meloy – Musicians Union (MU) member, TUC LESE LGBT Network, Lewisham Deptford CLP, Co-Chair Lewisham LGBT Forum, London LGBT Forums Network, L&Q LGBT Forum, Lewisham BME Network, Lewisham Irish Community Centre
Samantha Messer RMBACP BA (Hons) counselling
Sam Metz, Labour Party member
Phil Millar
Kieran Miles, Tooting CLP
Laura Miles, UCU NEC
Debi Millar (personal capacity)
Cllr Tom Miller, Labour Councillor for Willesden Green, Cabinet Lead for Community Safety, LB Brent
Charity Millington, Labour Party member, personal capacity
Laura Millward, personal capacity
Richard Milner, UNITE Chair EM/NN14 branch, UNITE East Midlands Regional Committee
Victoria Elizabeth Mitchell, Labour Party, East Ham CLP
John Moloney, PCS DFT TUS Secretary
Catherine Moody, member of Unison (personal capacity)
Raymond Morell, Unite London and Eastern Regional Committee
Lindsey Morgan, Socialist Party activist and Unite Community member
Sal Morawitz, women’s Officer, Nottingham East CLP & member GMB NW London Branch – personal capacity
Vicki Morris, University of Nottingham Unison branch chair (personal capacity)
Michael Moss, IWW Member (personal capacity)
Ian Murch Treasurer (National Officer) National Union of Teachers Section of National Education Union
Simon Murch, NUT-NEU NEC member South Yorkshire
Cllr Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Councillor
Connor Naismith, North West Young Labour TULO
Claire Nance
Jonathan Neale, writer and climate activist
Christie Neary, in their capacity as Women’s Rep, NUS Trans Campaign
Jenny Nelson
Claire Nicholls
Anna Nicholson
Dr Richie Nimmo, Branch Secretary Hulme Ward Labour Party
Eddy Nixon, secretary of PCS Proud
Liat Norris, Usdaw K193 branch secretary (personal capacity)
Sam O’Brien, Communications Officer UNISON Rochdale LG branch
Maxi O Broithe, Unite member
Dr Saorise Caitlin O’Shea, member UCU
Derek Oakley, PhD Candidate, Lancaster University
Andrew “Ozzy” Osborne, Chair Unite London and Eastern Engineering and Manufacturing Regional Industrial Sector Committee
Marianne Owens, PCS NEC member
Clara Paillard, Signing as Chair of PCS Culture Group
Christina Paine
Jem Pammenter-Fry, Labour member
Dave Parks, Exeter Left Unity (personal capacity)
Mandy Parry, Campaigns Officer, Brislington East, Bristol East, CLP
Susan Pashkoff, Chair East London Unite Community, Women’s Officer Leyton & Wanstead CLP, personal capacity
Ian Parker, Labour Party and Unite member
Tariq Persaud Parkes, Hastings and Rye CLP
Sarah Pattison, GMB Convenor, SWTUC Executive/Women’s Committee (personal capacity)
Cllr Chris Paul, Manchester Labour and Co-op Councillor, Unite Member
Mike Pearn, Revolutionary History Editorial Board, personal capacity
Kate Percival
Heather Peto, LGBT-Labour Trans Officer
Grace Petrie
Del Pickup, student activist
Hugo Pierre, UNISON NEC member, personal capacity
Dave Pike, NEU (personal capacity)
Dora Polenta, political education officer, Rushcliff CLP, personal capacity
Karen Pollock, MBACP, member Hexham CLP
Megan Povey, Professor University of Leeds and UCU CBC
Stella Power, Women’s Officer Didsbury West Labour Party, Unite and NEU member
Annette Pryce, LGBT+ Executive Members NEU (NUT section)
John Puttock, PCS DWP Greater Manchester Branch Vice Chair (pc)
Bonita Quittenton, member of the Labour party and of Unite the Union
Omar Raii, Lewisham West & Pence CLP Youth Officer & London Young Labour Committee
Roland Rance, member East London Unite Community & Walthamstow CLP
Daniel Randall, RMT Bakerloo Line branch (pc)
Will Ranger, Gorton CLP, Chair of the University of Manchester Living Wage Campaign
Charlotte Reay, CWU Member
Rachel Redhead, PCS member, author
Maeve Regan, Crewe & Nantwich CLP, UNISON member
Cllr Julie Reid, Manchester Labour Party Councillor
Day Reily
Iain Rendell, Labour Party member
Katie Reynolds, NEU Middlesbrough Division Equalities Officer
Leslie Rich IWW / CWU member
Andy Richards, Hove CLP and Chair of Brighton and Hove UNISON (both in a personal capacity)
Angela Richards, Huntingdon CLP
Will Richardson, Green Party member and PCS rep
Christine Rimmer, Broxtowe CLP, personal capacity
Richard Rippin, Unite & Cambridge CLP
Sophie Robbins, Labour Party member
Christopher Roche, Bath CLP Trade Union Liaison Officer, UNISON at the University of Bath Committee, Unite member
June Roche, writer and campaigner
Neil Rogall, UCU London Retired Branch member
Katherine Rogers
Kelly Rogers, BECTU Picturehouse Organiser
Daniel Round, Dudley Momentum Chair (pc)
Miles Row, BECTU member
Peter Royle, Labour Party member
Alan Runswick, PCS R&C Group Executive Committee member, Chair PCS R&C Liverpool Branch
Emma Runswick, BMA Council, doctors in Unite
Kathy Runswick, Chair, Wallasey Labour Party & GMB member
Steve Ryan, PCS R&C GEC member
Obi Saiq, Hackney BECTU
Jeffri Salleh (personal capacity)
Maisie Sanders, NEU (NUT) Lewisham & Deptford CLP branch LGBT Officer
Sue Sanders, founder of Schools Out and LGBT History Month
Sarah Sanford, activist in Unite, Ipswich Trades Council and Ipswich Labour Party
Nita Sanghera, SCCB Bournville College, Vice President UCU
Dominic Sealy, member NEU & Labour Party
Rainbow Serina, RMT rep, personal capacity
Jackie Seymour
Sue Shaw, personal capacity
Helen Sheridan, PCS Bootle Taxes branch equality committee
Gemma Short, Haringey Momentum secretary (personal capacity) and NEU member
Jen Slater
Adam Smith
Alison Smith
David J Smith, Unite member
Holly Smith, member of UCU Manchester branch and Labour Party member (personal capacity)
J Smith, signing as LGBTQ+ Officer for Bristol Young Labour
Kae Smith, NEU member personal capacity
Neville Southall, former Everton & Wales goalkeeper, retired Professional Footballers Association
Sue Sparks, Unite member
Gareth Spencer, Branch Secretary, PCS Southbank Centre Branch & PCS Culture Group Organiser
Lesley Spilard, Labour Party and Unite member
Dr Carol Steele CEO of Transfigurations
Sue Stelfox, retired member Prospect, former TUC LGBT Committee member, former Vice-Chair Prospect Branch exec, former member Prospect National Equalities Advisory Committee
Mark Stevens, CWU workplace rep, personal capacity
Alison Stevenson, IWW member (personal capacity)
Zoe Stewart, personal capacity
Nell Stockton, Derbyshire LGBT+ Role Model, Chair Barnsley Gender Equality Forum, Community Union member
Andy Stone, Joint Secretary, Wandsworth NEU (NUT section), personal capacity
Rachel Strong, Unison member and co-founder of Pro Choice Nottingham
Dee Stuart, Usdaw
Rosie Swayne (personal capacity)
Mary Sweeney, personal capacity
Inbar Tamari, LP member, Walthamstow CLP, Hackeny NEU International Officer
Lucy Louise Thomas, Birmingham, personal capacity
Ted Thomas, Labour Party Member
Luke Thorold, IWW and Labour Party member (personal capacity)
Mandy Tiffany, GMB member
Jaice Sara Titus, Co-organiser of Momentum Hackney (pc), member of UCU, Unite and Hackney South & Shoreditch Labour Party
Nixon Tod, Unison organiser
Sara Tomlinson, Lambeth NUT section secretary of the NEU
Kelly Tonks BSc (Hons), Equality and Diversity Consultant, Folkestone and Hythe CLP
Ian Townson, Secretary, Lambeth & Southwark Unite Community (personal
Ben Towse, UCU member (personal capacity)
Jason Travis, Blackley and Broughton CLP, Bolton NEU
Andy Turner, Labour member (personal capacity)
Katrina Turner
Jos Twist, member of Unite, BPS commitee member
Saorsa Amatheia Tweedale, Signing as National PCS Proud Trans representative
Simon Vermes, PCS rep
James Walkling, Labour Link and International Relations, Unison Salford Health branch
Adrie Van Der Meer, Bexhill and Battle CLP
Dr Maria Vlassopoulos (private capacity)
Astrid Walker, City of Chester CLP, Secretary, Cheshire West and Chester Local Campaign Forum, Officer & National Policy Forum Representative, LGBT Labour
Annie Wallace, actress, Labour Party member
Delilah Wallbank, Labour Party member
Claire Wardley, Vice-Chair Gt Yarmouth CLP & Unite Community member
Cheryl Warner, Secretary Brislington Labour, Bristol East CLP
Natalie Washington, signing as Trustee and Project Lead, Trans Pride Brighton
Phoebe Watkins, Co-Chair, Camden UNISON
Julie Webster, PCS union rep
Saira Weiner, Branch secretary LJMU UCU
Barry Weldon
Liz Wheatley, Branch Secretary Camden UNISON
Mark Whiley, LGBT+ Officer of Labour International
Stewart Whitehead, member of UNISON and Arundel and South Downs CLP
Bowen Whiteoak, Coventry and Warwickshire Unite Community Equalities Officer (personal capacity)
Mark Whyatt, member of the Labour Party and Unison (personal capacity)
Nick Wigmore, NUT National Executive member
Sarah Wilkinson
Kay Willis, member of the Labour Party and Unison
Colin Wilson, Unite member, Joint Secretary No to Pinkwashing (pc)
Malcolm Wilson, NEU member
Rebecca Winson, Women’s Officer, Basingstoke CLP, GMB and Unite member
Sarah Wittams-Howarth, personal capacity
Debbie Helen Wood, member Penrith and the Border CLP, Director Be-North Trans Support and Development
Stephen Wood, Finsbury Park RMT, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Stephie Woodcock, Broxtowe CLP (personal capacity)
Rosie Woods Unite and Harrow Momentum
Lee Wootton (personal capacity)
Lauren Wroe
Cllr Annette Wright, Manchester Labour Party councillor, Manchester TUC president, signing as member of PCS R&C GEC
Liz Yeates, Vice-Chair Charnwood CLP, personal capacity
Gilaine Young, PCS DfT Group Executive Committee member (personal capacity)