International Parliamentary Union: Indonesia, Uganda celebrate defeat of LGBT motion

Lawmakers celebrate defeat of pro-LGBT motion at IPU meeting in Geneva

Muhammad Radityo Priyasmoro, Jakarta — The head of the Justice and Prosperity Party (PKI) faction in the House of Representatives (DPR) says that Indonesian lawmakers firmly rejected the legalisation and spread of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) at the general assembly of the 139th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) which took place on October 14-18 in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We reject all efforts to spread LGBT ideas let alone those which lead to legalization. Praise be to Allah that our efforts were supported by a majority of countries, 36 rejected it and only 9 supported it”, said Juwaini speaking during a session of the standing committee on Democracy and Human Rights via a press release received by Liputan 6 on Thursday October 18.

Juwaini asserted that there is no religion in the world that has legalised LGBT. Because of this, the DPR Commission I member hopes that the world parliament will develop a dignified global debate which upholds ethics and moral values, including religious values.

“There is no religion anywhere in the world that legalises LGBT because of its destructive effects on humanity”, he asserted.

Conflicts with Pancasila

Based on this principal, Juwaini emphasised that the successful rejection of LGBT at the world parliament is part of Indonesia’s mission as mandated by the nation’s principals and constitution.

“The national principles of [the state ideology of] Pancasila and the UUD 1945 [1945 Constitution] clearly reject the spread never mind the legalisation of LGBT. We will therefore continue to fight for this in all and any [global] forums”, he said in conclusion.


Led by countries such as Uganda, a majority of parliamentary members attending the 139th Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva on October 14-18 rejected a proposal by Canada and Belgium that the next 140th Assembly’s standing committee on Democracy and Human Rights should hold a panel debate that will not lead to a resolution, entitled “The role of Parliaments in ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and ensuring respect for the Human rights of LGBTI persons”.

Muhammad Radityo Priyasmoro

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