Bangladesh: International Rural Women’s Day, time for reflexion and demands

On 11 October 2018 at 3 pm in the office of the organizations in Dhaka Bangladesh Krishok Federation, Bangladesh Kishani Sabha, Bangladesh Adivasi Samity and Bangladesh Bhumiheen Samity and Labour Resource Center jointly organized a discussion meeting in observance of 15 October which is International Rural Women Day. The main theme was the discussion: We want monetary value of the labor of rural women, women labor should be incorporated in the social production.

Presided over by Rehana Begum who is the Vice-President of Bangladesh Krishok Federation, the meeting was addressed by Bangladesh Krishok Federation President Badrul Alam, General Secretary Zayed Iqbal Khan, Ready Made Garment Sharamik Federation President Lovely Yasmin and Labour Resource Center General Secretary Shibly Anowar, among others.

In order to give special honor to the rural women International Rural Woman Day is being observed every year in countries. This day is playing a pivotal role to build unity and solidarity among the rural women. Rural women are the part of marginalized groups in society. They are victimized by different kinds of torture-repression and persecution-deprivation. The work rural women are doing day and night in family is not monetized. As a result, she can not stand with his head in society. Even in the decision-making process in society she can play no part.

In the meeting the speakers demanded the recognition of household unpaid care work and and its monetary value. They are also of the opinion to provide special dignity to rural women by making a census how much contribution they put in the national development. They recommended to give award nationally to those women who are playing role to do something ground-breaking that contributes to national development.

Bangladesh Krishok Federation Vice-President Rehana Begum making the concluding speech.

Bangladesh Krishok Federation President Badrul Alam is addressing in the discussion meeting.

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