ESSF’s Asia solidarity campaigns: Financial Report for 2018

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, by ESSF, ROUSSET Pierre

In 2018, the Pacific Ring of Fire entered a phase of intense activity (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, accompanied by landslides) affecting eastern Asia from Indonesia to Japan. The effects of global warming are particularly felt in Southeast Asia (rising sea levels, typhoons ...). So-called “natural” disasters tend to multiply accordingly.

Moreover, the authoritarian tendencies that we highlighted in our previous report - the Duterte regime in the Philippines (martial law in Mindanao), the pressure of fundamentalist movements (particularly in Indonesia), the social control system in China, etc. - were reinforced in 2018. In many cases, volunteers engaged in solidarity with the affected population following a humanitarian disaster and “defenders of rights” operate under difficult or dangerous conditions. They deserve all the more our support.

In these circumstances, we need to be able to increase our financial support. In recent years, for example, we had begun to support the work of our Indonesian partner association with women workers in an industrial suburb of Jakarta (against sexual harassment and for the respect for reproductive rights). In 2018, we began to contribute to the solidarity activities it is deploying to populations affected by natural disasters. We want to continue to do it ... without reducing support for other countries.

The role of ESSF Permanent Solidarity Fund for Asia is confirmed each year. It allows us to ensure continuity and broaden our financial support. Thanks to him, we can send help immediately after a disaster (the solidarity campaign allowing later to reconstitute this fund); to balance an eventual deficit of a specific solidarity campaigns in case there is one; to maintain assistance several years; to provide assistance when the conditions of a specific solidarity campaign are not met.

ESSF continued its assistance to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines. We have not been able to do this in relation to China, given the measures taken by the government against the sending of international aid. For the first time, we have provided (modest) funding in Malaysia. We continued to contribute to the Solidarity Fund of the International Research and Education Institutes in Asia.

Our partners are in Bangladesh the BKF-BKS-BAS peasant associations; in Indonesia the Perempuan Mahardhika feminist association; in Malaysia, the Socialist Party (PSM) which facilitates the link with social movements; in Pakistan, the Labor Education Foundation (LEF); in the Philippines, Mihands coalition.

Solidarity in permanence. We are trying to provide long-term assistance - at least three years - because the effects of a humanitarian disaster are lasting. In addition, these disasters are repeated and their effects accumulate and combine. So, we send funding every year to our regular partners (in four countries). We also provide support for solidarity funds to Asian IIREs.

Donations not specifically dedicated go to the Permanent Solidarity Fund. You can dedicate your donations to a country or a campaign. We will obviously respect your choices.

 Synthetic balance by country

Together with our partners, we are preparing more comprehensive reviews, by country and campaign, which may take time. We may correct the balance sheet items at the margin.


Contributions sent via the BKF (farmer), BKS (peasant) and BAS (indigenous) movements.

€ 2,000 transferred on March 29th.
€ 1,500 transferred on April 4th.
€ 1,500 transferred on April 12th.
€ 2,000 transferred on June 6th.

Total for the year 2018: € 7,000

Total Bangladesh (2011-2018): € 28,279


Action to support women workers in an industrial suburb of Jakarta

Help sent via the movement Perempuan Mahardhika (Free Women) [1].

Support to workers in an industrial zone in northern Jakarta confronted with sexual violence and the non-recognition of their rights, particularly in the area of maternity.

€ 1,000 transferred on December 28 [2].

Support to victims of natural disasters.

€ 3,000 transferred on October 31st.

Total PM for the year 2018: € 4,000

Total Perempuan Mahardhika (2016-2018): 7.000 €

Total Indonesia (2006-2018): € 10,500.


Support for the legalization of the Union of Workers in Public Hospital Services via the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) on behalf of the Public Hospital Support Workers’ Union [3].

€ 500 transferred on October 11, 2018 .

Total Malaysia (2018): 500 €


Continued support for the activities of the Labor Education Foundation (LEF):

€ 1,500 transferred on March 29th.
€ 2,000 transferred on April 19th.
€ 2,000 transferred on June 26th.
€ 1,000 transferred on October 17th.

Total for the year 2018: 6.500 €

Total LEF (2005-2018): 59.305 €


Continued support for victims of humanitarian disasters by the Mihands coalition.

Transfers for the Mihands coalition were made, depending on the case, either directly on its account, or on the account of a member association of this network (Tripod):

€ 4,000 transferred on January 5 (Tripod)
€ 1,000 transferred on January 17 (Tripod)
€ 1,000 transferred on January 17 (Mihands)
€ 2,000 transferred on January 23 (Mihands)
€ 1,000 transferred on March 23 (Mihands)
€ 1,000 transferred on June 6 (Mihands)
€ 1,000 transferred on October 30 (Tripod)

Total for the year 2018: 11,000 €

Total Philippines (2007-2018): € 86,089.27

IIRE Solidarity Funds in Asia


€ 150 delivered by hand on February 25th.


€ 3,000 transferred on June 1st.
€ 2,000 transferred on June 15th.
€ 2,000 transferred on June 28th.

Total IIRE in 2018: € 7.150

* * *


Grand total (2005-2018): € 260.4673.04

 Excerpts from the minutes of the ESSF General Meeting of February 10, 2018

The following decisions were made:

1. The functioning of the association continues to be entirely based on voluntary work, the search for low-cost solutions and the minimisation of operating costs, to ensure that funds collected by ESSF are genuinely used for solidarity activities.

2. The progression of the website was evident in 2017. The number of visits continues to increase gradually. The site must now appear from the outset for what it is: an international site (and not a French site open to international issues) and must be refurbished accordingly. The team of administrators remains too weak while the development of the site requires a lot of time.

3. We must continue to expand and regularize our cooperation with other associations.

4. Given the humanitarian situation in these countries and the quality of our relations with local associations and networks, we will continue to ensure regular solidarity in the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Other solidarity initiatives are more specific.

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