Statement on India-Pakistan Conflict Escalation

The AEPF appeals to India and Pakistan to immediately and simultaneously de-escalate the current military tensions between them, that can escalate into a war between two heavily armed nuclear powers.

AEPF appeals to both countries to announce a mutually acceptable peace and initiate a political dialogue.

There have been difficulties in the relationship between India and Pakistan on account of long unresolved conflicts and terrorism where people have suffered. In a situation where a terror attack on Indian paramilitary forces prompted retaliation by India, is leading to a spiral of militarized retributions. The situation is alarming and despite India’s claim that it was non-military measures, most experts think that with roughly 6000 pounds of bombs dropped, the situation remains precarious.

Both these countries have large sections of their people in poverty and struggling for livelihoods and education. In these circumstances, to divert funds to military strife and violent terror is unlikely to help matters. It is ordinary people that suffer on account of war and militarism and it is on this basis that civil societies groups from both these countries have for long years tried to build people to people friendship. The suddenness with which the current armed episode occurred shows that a lot remains to be done.

It is imperative that the two neighbouring countries move towards political negotiations, with the help of facilitators acceptable to both, and concentrate on peace building. We appeal to a process of de-militarisation on both sides of Kashmir and an end to terror tactics. A number of neighbouring countries including China have called for peace. We believe other countries in the region, including SAARC should make a concerted appeal for regional peace.

The AEPF appeals to both India and Pakistan that there should be no escalation between the two heavily armed nuclear powers, but it is necessary to de-escalate tensions and move towards a strong peace process. Any war between the two would be a threat to humanity itself.

Asia Europe Peoples Peoples Forum (AEPF)
February 27, 2019