Brazil / Pakistan: Intervention in the Committee on Foreign Relations and National Defense on Ali Wazir

When David Miranda intervened in the Committee on Foreign Relations and National Defense, he thought Ali Wazeer had been released. This information was wrong. What happened is that Ali Wazeer was presented at an anti-terrorist court and was then being sent by the judge to Peshawar Jail. It is also true for Mohsin Dawar, the second PTM Member of the National Assembly.

We don’t know if and when Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar will be released on bail. If so, their lives will be in danger – they could be assassinated. The ongoing solidarity campaign aims not only at getting them free, but also at protecting them afterwards. The situation in Waziristan is indeed very worrying [1].


I would like to note that I have submitted an application to this Committee on the unfortunate escalation of violence against protesters in Pakistan and the arrest of Ali Wazir, a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, on 26 May.

Unfortunately, my application was not on the agenda of this meeting, but given the current and urgent nature of the topic, I would like to share the initiative with the peers of this committee, hoping that when this item comes on the agenda next week, Ali Wazir is already free [In fact, Ali Wazir was and is still today jailed. He was only transferred to the Peshawar jail, not released. ESSF.].

Regardless of the political-party agreement of the Pakistani government, or ours, with the positions of Mr. Wazir and his party, a parliamentarian elected in full exercise of his duties should enjoy security and freedom. I therefore only propose in my request that this Commission echo Amnesty International’s requests for an independent and effective investigation into the deaths of protesters in demonstrations in Pakistan and to stand for political pluralism and security and freedom of parliamentary exercise – fundamental elements for the development of the democratic rule of law.

David Miranda

David Miranda is a federal congressman for Brazil’s Socialism and Liberty party