A united global network in support of HAEA strike action in Hong Kong

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The Wuhan coronavirus pneumonia has emerged across the globe. With numbers of cases on the rise each day, medical professionals have been battling with the contagious disease with insufficient gear and zero support from the government. We are appalled and enraged by the situation these life-saving professionals are in.

Even after the WHO declared a global emergency, Hong Kong policymakers have been turning a blind eye on the welfare of the Hong Kongers and medical professionals. They have refused to enforce a border closure with China, nipping the emerging contagion at the bud. While they have a large reserve of medical supplies, they refuse to release this inventory for public or professional use, and have condoned the insane price hikes of medical supplies within Hong Kong.

感謝醫管局員工陣線 HA Employees Alliance 挺身而出,近萬醫護人員為全城福祉賭上前程簽署罷工宣言,期望能以行動逼使政府立即全面封關,我們在此呼籲所有海外港人以行動表態,支持所有為香港犧牲未來的醫護人員!
We thank 醫管局員工陣線 HA Employees Alliance (HAEA) for stepping up and on behalf of nearly ten thousand medical professionals, wager their careers to coerce the government to close Hong Kong’s borders — Hong Kong’s medical professionals will go on strike in response to Hong Kong government’s refusal to protect the city by not closing the borders for China visitors, even though Vietnam, Australia, Macau, Singapore and the US already have. We hereby urge all overseas Hong Kongers to show solidarity with the medical professionals, who are now willing to sacrifice their future for Hong Kong. Please help by doing the following:

1. 佩戴白絲帶或手持字牌,在各國地標或家中拍照,上傳至社交媒體,並加上 #我支持香港醫護罷工
Take a photo of yourself wearing a white ribbon or carrying signage with a hashtag #SupportHKMedicsStrikeAction

2. 把照片或影片傳給自己所在地區的專頁,由 admin 整理統合後發佈
Send your picture or video to your local pages’ admin, who will consolidate and publish in bulk.

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