Brazil: in fight for the legalization of abortion

Legal and safe abortion!

A condition for the autonomy of the women! A responsibility of the State with the women!

No woman would have to be obliged to take a indesejada pregnancy ahead. To be mother does not have to be an obligation, but part of a project of life of the women. When a woman appeals to the abortion in unsafe conditions, placing in risk its health and running the risk of being imprisoned, she is because she does not want or she does not have conditions to take the pregnancy ahead. While the women who have money obtain to carry through a safe abortion, in clinics and hospitals of quality, the majority of the women, mainly the poor persons and blacks, do not have no support of the State. We want to legalize the abortion so that all the women who decide to interrupt a pregnancy are considered criminal. This means to take off of the Criminal Code articles in vigor since 1940, that they condemn the woman up to 3 years.Legalize the abortion means that the State, by means of the Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS), it will have to guarantee to all the women the right and the conditions to decide if, and when, they want to be mothers. And that, when to opt to not taking a pregnancy ahead, go to receive medical attendance and adjusted support gratuitous, is black they, young, poor, single, married, etc. This is a historical fight of the movement of women in defense of ours self-determination. The self-determination is the capacity and the possibility that all the people must have to decide on its life, its body and its destination, what it includes to have conditions to place one practical these decisions.

The reality of the abortion in Brazil

The prohibition of the abortion do not help the preveniz it. For the the opposite, the women continue carrying through the abortion in inadequate conditions and without medical accompaniment. Today, the SUS takes care of, in average, 250 a thousand women per year in result of abortions badly facts, with infections and hemorrhage (source: Clam). They is esteem that they are carried through about 1 million of abortions in Brazil. In our country, this already is 4ª death cause.It is It is lie that the legalization of the abortion will increase the number of carried through abortions. In countries where the abortion is allowed, as the United States, Holland and Turkey, the number of carried through abortions is proportionally lesser to the one of Brazil. With the legalization, the number of practised abortions tends to diminish, because we also defend the sexual education in the schools for boys and girls, information on sexual and reproductive health for all the population, beyond the gratuitous access to the methods anticoncepcionais.It is thus that the State goes to guarantee for all the women, the right to decide on its destination, and for that they not only have money. The Brazilian government has the obligation to create mechanisms to reduce the deaths and sequels for the health of the women who make abortion and unsafe conditions. Also it has the responsibility to legalize the abortion, to fulfill with the resolutions of the I National Conference of Public Politics for the Women, carried through in 2004.Today, exists in the House of representatives a Project of Law considering the legalization of the abortion until 12ª week of pregnancy. Projects as these need our support!

Commitee of fight for the legalization of abortion

The principles that in congregate them around the committee of fight for the legalization of the abortion are:

01) the defense of that the abortion either legalized, or either, guaranteed for the State in the hospitals. It is not enough that the abortion more is not considered a crime: we want that ALL the women have access it. Of this we do not open hand!

02) the legalization of the abortion is a fight that involves the organization of the women, the joint with all the social sectors that share of these principles and the permanent mobilization.

03) the legalization of the abortion is basic to guarantee the autonomy of the mulheres.

Every day 28 of each month, from day 28 of May (World-wide Day of Fight for the Health of the Woman) until day 28 of September (Day for the Legalization of the Abortion in America Latina and the Caribbean) will be mobilized, with activities and actions that fortify this our flag in defense of the autonomy of women.

In São Paulo, are part of the committee of fight for the legalization of the abortion:

Marcha Mundial das Mulheres, União de Mulheres, CMP, Liga Brasileira de Lésbicas (SP), Rede Feminista de Saúde, União Brasileira de Mulheres, CIM, Coletivo de Mulheres de São Mateus, Coletivo de Mulheres do Campo Limpo, Observatório da Mulher, SOF - Sempreviva Organização Feminista, Católicas pelo Direito de Decidir, Casa Lilith, Jornadas pelo Direito ao Aborto Seguro, UMM, Oriashé - Núcleo Luiza Mahin de Promotoras Legais e Populares, Consulta Popular, MME, Mulheres do Keto, Kiwi Companhia de Teatro, Avante Zapatista, Kilombagem, DCE-Livre da USP, Conselho de CAs da PUC (SP), APEOESP, CONLUTAS, INTERSINDICAL, Comissão de Mulheres do SINTUSP, Secretaria Municipal de Mulheres do PT-SP, Secretaria de Mulheres do PCB, PSTU, Secretaria Estadual de Mulheres do PSOL, Liga Estratégica Revolucionária- Quarta Internacional.

It is part of this fight you also!