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Emergency: Pakistan Solidarity

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The situation in Pakistan is particularly dramatic because an entire region, difficult to get to, has been devastated by an earthquake at the onset of winter. As the UN has emphasised “the world isn’t answering”. Faced with this emergency the association “Europe solidaire sans frontières” (ESSF) supports the establishment of refugee camps in the devastated zones by the by the Labour Education Foundation in collaboration with Women Workers Help Line, National Trade Union Federation and Labour Party Pakistan

You can contribute to this effort by sending your donations to the ESSF (please mention « Pakistan ») :

Checks payable to ESSF :
ESSF, 2 rue Richard-Lenoir, 93100 Montreuil, France.


Bank name and address

Crédit lyonnais
Agence de la Croix-de-Chavaux (00525)
10 boulevard de Chanzy
93100 Montreuil

International bank references :

IBAN : FR85 3000 2005 2500 0044 5757 C12

National bank details (RIB) :

Bank : 30002, Sorting code 00525
Account number : 0000445757C, Key : 12

Account holder : ESSF

The information on Pakistan on our website will be regularly updated, most
fully in English.

BY MARCH 24, 2006 A TOTAL OF 16.500 EUROS has been sent to Pakistan in five successive instalments.

- A FIRST BANK TRANSFER OF 7000 dollars (6000 euros) has been made November 5, 2005, thanks to your contributions.

We got confirmation that our transfer arrived in Pakistan. Donations will allow the Labour Relief Campaign to buy food, medecine, blankets and warm cloths in time for the next relief truck to go to Paniola district.

- A SECOND BANK TRANSFER OF 5845 Dollars (5000 Euros) has been made December 6, 2005.

- A THIRD BANK TRANSFER OF 3000 Euros has been made December 29, 2005.

- 500 EUROS WERE GIVEN Feb. 12, 2006.

- A TRANSFER OF 1500 Euros has been made March 8, 2006.

- 500 EUROS (596 dollars)WERE GIVEN March 24, 2006 at the occasion of the Karachi World Social Forum.

The financial campaign continues.

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