A letter from 400 fathers whose children work as slaves in Shangxi!

Who can save our children?

They are common and honesty people, they are selflessness, insisting people with a same name “father”. Their destiny is combined together because of the same experience. In order to save their kidnapped children who still work as slave in Shangxi provin ce, they spend all their money, risk on their life and go to Shangxi to look for their children. They have rescue about 40 children with such kind inhumane experience. Some children once worked with their baby, some provide some precious trace for them to continue their work. They believe that every life in this society that worship freedom and harmonious should be respected. They expect those kidnapper and suspect can be penalty someday. They wish those children who have been tortured, beat can be free someday. But when the related government refuses or shuffles to conduct their responsibility, they feel desperate, so the following is cry from their soul!

We are the f ather of those children who are kidnapped to Shangxi as slave. Our children are so young, inexperienced and so delicate that they are kidnaped or forced to a car in zhengzhou station, coach station or highline and sold as 500 RMB per person to Shangxi as slave working in illegal brick factory.

We give up everything, leave our hometown, and walk over China to search for our children. After so many hard experiences, we got exact message that our children were kidnapped to Shangxi illegal coal mine as work salve. We secretly go to Shangxi even pretend as labor many times and finally learn that Shangxi linfen city and yongji city are place with a lot of illegal coal mines.

Though we have imagined many time how bad their living condition are, but we are still scared when we see the real condition. These children, with long hair, work with hand and feet just like wild human. Some are 7 years isolated form outside world, some are beat to disable because of their failed run away. Someone’s back was burned badly by hot bricks by their supervisor. They work over 14 hours a day with empty stomach. If they are too tired to work, their will be beat by bricks by their supervisor. No medicine, no first aid, but continue work only. If in bad health, they will be buried alive by the head of those brick factory.

These children have a lot of psoriasis in their body because of bad sanitation The youngest only 8 years old and fight for a meal with all his strength to afford the adult work. They are restricted and supervised by supervisor and hatchet men. When we see their scared eyes, we are bleeding in heart. We believe that everyone who has conscience will try their best to rescue them. However, because of our weak strength and limited power, we can only try our best to rescue those Henan children. We feel guilty that we are not able to rescue those children from hubei and Sichuan. With all kinds works, finally we successfully rescue about 40 children and back to their parents. And they also give us incentive news that our children once worked with them. However, because we so many father are rushing to look for our children, these factory head always transfer those children to some secret place.

It is said that man are not cry even at very serious time. But the large amount of scars in these rescued children makes us all in tear many times. We don’t know what kind of tortured those young children have had before; we also don’t know what kind of future those ir-rescued children will face. We are father and want our children be fr ee. But the strange surrounding, sneak factory head set a lot of barriers. We don’t have any influence, and our children face to die at any time. We only can seek help from government. But when we visit Shangxi related government department of city, county and town, no works. The worst things are the country police office even prevent our rescue job and don’t let us take those children away from the heil. And don’t care the terror by the head of brick mine. While the county police office told us that because our children are lost in henna, we should go back to Henan and they will cooperate Henan police’s job.

In that case, the only thing we do is back to Henan, while Henan police says they are sorry. Their explanations are because these children are only bad treated, and they can not treat it as a case without death. They also say, because this case happens in Shangxi, Shangxi police should conduct the rescue job. as we know, one suspect was arrested cause his beat one kidnapped children to disable, but Shangxi p olice refuse to put on record because of the lack of proof. Apparently, this is a crime group, they are seeking object everyday and kidnap people in all kinds way and sold them to Shangxi illegal brick factory. Presently, there are nearly 1000 children working as slave in Shangxi province with 400 of them from Henan. If this kind of crime is continuing, a lot of children will be kidnapped, and the society safety will be seriously hurt.

We are sad when walk out of police office. These are thousands lives in weak condition. Common pe ople like us can find traces and information without fear of dangerous. Why our police who have the responsibly to protect us refuse to help us. Where we can find the respect showing to common people in this so called harmonious society? How long the road before us? Some parents are died during this seeking children travel, some are blow up. We are family and we won’t give up no matter how hard it will be. But how about our children, they are so small and so weak, how long can they live in this world?

Their life is in emergency, and who can save these children. When we get refused by the local government of Henan province and Shangxi province, who can we seek help from, these are thousand lives in flower age, and who can save our kids?