The International Eco-logical Call Proposes to Link The Issues of Conservation of Biodiversity, Climate Change and the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples

The international eco-logical call is a common strategy to save the areas of greatest diversity, leaving the captured carbon underground, based on the Climate Change Agreement and other international agreements via which the world’s governments committed to conserve the world’s biodiversity, reduce poverty, respect human rights in general and those of indigenous peoples in

The proposal will be applied in protected areas, threatened and affected areas by oil activities,
which are the main causes of Climate Change.

1. Objective of the proposal

• That national States abstain from extracting oil from protected areas, because it is incompatible
with conservation.

• That the States that abstain from exploiting their resources in protected areas be compensated
for these decisions in the benefit of the planet.

• Achieve international commitments from countries that have vices and would not lead to any
form of property rights or use over the area of the project, contrasting with those proposals questioned by local communities which imply a loss of their sovereign rights. There exists an initiative at an international level from various foundations and political sectors to destine funds to support these types of initiatives. On the other hand, countries which have ratified the Kyoto Protocol and form part of Annex 1, have the obligation of assigning funds to reduce green house gasses especially co2.

Therefore we propose this meeting of experts on Protected Areas proceed to:

• Form a commission of experts to analyze national proposals that arise from this context.

• Analyze technical and legal routes by which States can regulate adequately this decision and
in the case of there being contracts or concessions, start a process of reverting them and evaluate socio-environmental impacts in these areas and the needs of environmental restoration and corresponding indemnities.

• Start a process to identify potential donors and create a capital fund to generate interest equivalent to the revenues that the States would gain from exploitation. If a future government violates the clauses of the agreement the capital fund would be returned to the donors.

• Promote the proposal at an international level.


* Oilwatch, “The International Eco-logical Call: Proposes to Link The Issues of Conservation of Biodiversity, Climate Change and the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples,” in Boedt, Piet and Esperanza Martinez, Keep Oil Underground: The Only Way to Fight Climate Change, OilWatch, presented at the UNFCCC COP13, Bali, December 2007, p. 70.

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