European Parliament calls on Indonesia to fully investigate Munir case

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Gagah Wijoseno, Jakarta — The European Union
Parliament has issued a declaration calling on the
Indonesian government to fully investigate the
murder of human rights activist Munir. If Indonesia
ignores the declaration, there is a possibility that
EU countries will extend the ban on Indonesian
airlines flying to Europe.

"Not just Holland that coincidentally was the
country the Munir was to visit. Member states that
number in the dozens, could influence the ban on
flights to EU countries", said Solidarity Action
Committee for Munir (Kasum) coordinator Usman Hamid
at the offices of the International NGO Forum on
Indonesian Development (Infid) on Jl. Mampang
Prapatan in South Jakarta on Monday March 17.

Hamid warned that Europe has a cooperative
relationship the fields of trade and Indonesian law
enforcement. Legal and military reform cannot be
separated from the role of EU countries.

It is because of this therefore, that Hamid has
repeatedly warned the Indonesian government to
respond to calls to resolve the Munir case, bearing
in mind that Indonesia has significant interests
with the EU.

"This could clearly influence relations,
particularly European overseas policy. This is a
very serious case, the EU is greatly concerned about
this case", asserted Hamid. (nik/nrl)


* From - March 19, 2008. Translated by James Balowski.

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