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ESSF is an association for international solidarity. Its website informs on peoples struggles as well as on in-depth debates. It wishes to be a tool for all those fighting for a world of solidarity.

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  • Disasters

    , by FLAHERTY Jordan

    New Orleans was not devastated by a hurricane. From my travels around New Orleans and surrounding areas, its clear that very little damage was done to my city by hurricane Katrina.
    Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, Gulfport and other Gulf cities have suffered extensive hurricane-related damage. However, (...)

  • 9000 Dead In Seven Year Maoist Uprising

    , by SULEHRIA Farooq

    Nepal is often refereed as the home of world’s highest peak: Mount Everest. Of late, Nepal has also been home to the fastest flourishing and most successful Maoist movement of the world in the post-Cold War period. On March 23, media reported the authorities in Nepal claiming to have killed 500 (...)

  • Lula’s lament

    , by WAINWRIGHT Hilary

    The success of the Brazilian Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), or Workers Party, acted as a beacon to the left worldwide. Now it has been revealed that it was governing on the basis of systematic corruption. Hilary Wainwright reports on how the quest for power perverted the PT and subverted (...)

  • Inf’OGM : Presentation of our organisation

    , by Inf’OGM

    Self-presentation taken from the association’s website, September 21, 2005.
    I. General presentation
    Inf’OGM is a non-profit organisation, created in 1999 in order to establish a francophone citizen watch on the GMO issue.
    It deals with all GMO related current news in the world, and publishes (...)

  • Martial Law Commemoration

    , by PAHRA

    33rd Year of Martial Law
    Remembering the Heroes, Reminiscing the Anguish
    Continuing the Struggle
    September 21, 1972: the start of a dismal period for the Filipino people. It opened a new era of anguish, cruelty, injustice, social unrest and struggle. It was during the period of Martial Law (...)

  • Procès OGM de Clermont-Ferrand

    , par Confédération paysanne

    Dans l’attente du verdict mis en délibéré au 4 novembre 2005, la Confédération paysanne apporte son soutien aux 15 faucheurs volontaires prévenus dans l’action du 27 août 2004 de neutralisation à Nonette (63) d’une parcelle d’OGM médicament et qui a été jugée hier à Clermont-Ferrand en première instance. (...)

  • Via Campesina

    , par La Via Campesina

    Via Campesina est un mouvement international qui coordonne des organisation de petits et moyens paysans, de travailleurs agricoles, de femmes rurales, de communautés indigènes d’Asie, d’Amériques, d’Europe et d’Afrique.
    Via campesina est un mouvement indépendant de toute organisation politique, (...)

  • Justice pour les faucheurs !

    , par MORAND Cédric

    Une vingtaine de faucheurs volontaires doit être jugée à Riom et Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), les 14, 15 et 16 septembre. Ces poursuites témoignent du soutien que les autorités apportent aux cultures d’OGM en plein champ.
    L’action des faucheurs volontaires a, une fois de plus, démontré la (...)

  • Let the Pandora box be opened, land to the tenants

    , by TARIQ Farooq

    Rangers are all out to defeat and crush the uprising of Okara peasantry. Since 1st of May 2003, a virtual siege of 19 revolting villages meant a total cut off from the outside world of over 10,000 tenants of the district. There are reports of continues deaths and spreading of illness due to (...)

  • Making Of The Islamic Threat

    , by SULEHRIA Farooq

    The London bombings have reinforced the Muslim stereotype of a bearded fanatic, carrying explosives in a rucksack, detesting the West (read “civilisation”). Islam is yet again branded as a religion incompatible with democracy and human and women’s rights. This Islamophobia, theorised as a clash of (...)

  • Trade Unions Movement in Pakistan

    , by LPP

    Pakistan trade union movement is very weak at this time. Only 6% of the total workers are organized in the union movement.
    The main trade union organization is Pakistan Workers Confederation. PWC was established in 1995, when 8 major labour federations got together and formed one single (...)

  • Past, Present and Future of Left Movement in Pakistan

    , by LPP

    The origins
    The left movement in Pakistan traces its origins in the Indian communist movement, which, in turn draws its inspiration from the Russian revolutions of 1905 and particularly that of October 1917. Lenin himself developed a great interest in India. And long before Lenin, Karl Marx (...)

  • Coming: A Rerun of the 1930s?

    , by BELLO Walden

    Talk delivered at meeting of International Council of the World Social Forum, Bangkok, 13-15 August, 2002.
    This meeting of the WSF International Council is taking place against a background of what is shaping up as the worst crisis of global capitalism since the Great Depression seventy years (...)

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