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  • Notes on the international situation

    , by SABADO François

    Circulated January 20th, 2011, these notes have been written prepare the debates at the coming International Committee (IC) meeting of the Fourth International. Centered then mostly on Europe, they will be reworked in function of the quick evolution of the situation (Arab region...) and the IC (...)

  • G-Spots and the Planet: Global Bonapartism

    , by PRASHAD Vijay

    “We are left with the politicians who think poorly of us, and who stand back with chaos in their pale old eyes whimpering, “That is not what we wanted. No, it was not to have gone that way.” They are old, but we have been very ill, and cannot yet send them away.” Bertram Warr (1917-1943).
    When the (...)

  • Report on the international situation

    , by CARASSO Laurent

    Report presented to the 16th Congress of the Fourth International. This report will not attempt a detailed survey of the world but will try to stress what is most significant, what, in our view, should come under a common understanding of events and tasks. On many regional situations, the (...)

  • El Niño Could Be a Disaster for the Poor

    , by BERTHELSEN John

    As Pacific Ocean temperatures rise, the number of starving people will rise with them
    The growing certainty that the weather phenomenon known as El Niño will soon arrive could spell disaster for the world’s poor and threaten shaky governments in the throes of the global economic downturn.
    The (...)

  • Towards a New American Isolationism

    , by BELLO Walden

    Despite the glitter that surrounded both the Olympics in Beijing and the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the messages coming to Asia from the two events were very different.
    From Beijing, the message was, to put it in the words of one pundit, China has had a few bad centuries but is (...)

  • Report on the International Situation

    , by SABADO François

    This is the written version of the report that François Sabado presented at the meeting of the International Committee (IC) of the Fourth International (FI), as introduction to the debate on the international situation, on March 1, 2008.
    This report presents what in our eyes constitute some of (...)

  • Jottings on the conjuncture

    , by ANDERSON Perry

    The contemporary period—datable at one level from the economic and political shifts in the West at the turn of the eighties; at another from the collapse of the Soviet bloc a decade later—continues to see deep structural changes in the world economy and in international affairs. Just what these (...)

  • The G8 – not the only show in town

    , by BULLARD Nicola

    Given the centrality of oil not only to current geo-politics but also to the politics of global warming, it is interesting to recall that the G7 is a by-product of the 1973 oil crisis. Almost 35 years later, the now-G8 Russia was formally admitted in 1998 — is again facing a crisis of global (...)

  • Tribute to Basker Vashee, 1944-2005

    , by SAGALL Sabby

    The death of a close friend of nearly 40 years’ standing, especially a man as vibrant and sensitive as Basker, cannot but impoverish one’s own life. Indeed, his untimely passing will make a huge dent in many lives.
    Basker’s forbears were Brahmins and he used to joke about his high-caste (...)

  • Putting Terrorism in Perspective

    , by VANAIK Achin

    Paper presented at the fifth Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF), “People’s Action for Human Security”, which took place in Hanoi (Vietnam) from 6th to 9th September 2004. This contribution was given in Conference Cluster 1: “Peace and Security”, Workshop 2: “Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism and People’s (...)

  • In the Eyes of the World

    , by BELLO Walden

    The assault on the World Trade Center was unpardonable, but it is important not to lose perspective, especially a historical one. For a response dictated by fury such as that now displayed by some American politicians, while understandable, is likely to simply serve as one more proof for (...)

  • Coming: A Rerun of the 1930s?

    , by BELLO Walden

    Talk delivered at meeting of International Council of the World Social Forum, Bangkok, 13-15 August, 2002.
    This meeting of the WSF International Council is taking place against a background of what is shaping up as the worst crisis of global capitalism since the Great Depression seventy years (...)