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  • America’s Fossil Fuel Fever

    , by KLARE Michael T.

    It was not very long ago that America seemed headed on a path of reduced dependence on fossil fuels—oil, coal and natural gas—and greater reliance on renewable forms of energy, such as wind and solar. “Our addiction to fossil fuels is one of the most serious threats to our national security in the (...)

  • Secrets of the Keystone XL Pipeline

    , by COCKBURN Alexander

    The protesters outside the White House have furled their banners and headed home. Now the Obama administration will decide whether to issue a presidential permit for the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline extension – a $7 billion project to bring heavy, “sour” crude oil extracted from tar sands in (...)

  • SOTU: Parsing Obama’s ’Clean Energy’ Promises

    , by WYSHAM Daphne

    The sound of the president’s silence on climate change and the BP oil disaster was deafening.
    Tellingly, President Barack Obama didn’t utter the two words “climate change” once in his State of the Union speech. He did, however, mention “clean energy” several times.
    Read these sentences carefully: (...)