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  • The New Israeli Left

    , by DANA Joseph, SHEIZAF Noam

    As the controversial 443 highway, which connects Tel Aviv with Jerusalem by passing through the West Bank, begins to curve toward Israel’s capital, the eye is inevitably drawn to an imposing gray structure with massive concrete walls, part of the Ofer Military Prison. Commuters are barely aware (...)

  • The Arab peoples’ historical breakthrough

    , by CPI (Israel)

    Communist Party of Israel
    The Popular Uprising
    The Arab peoples’ historical breakthrough
    Decisions of the 13th session of the Central Committee
    February 19, 2011
    The Central Committee of CPI salutes the mass popular movement for democracy and a dignified existence, which marks a (...)

  • A Panther Indeed!: Saadia Marziano

    , by WARSCHAWSKI Michel

    Numerous people wished to commemorate the life of Saadia Marziano , founder of the Black Panthers movement in Israel, who died last week. However, their speeches were mostly garbled and lacking in content. This is a shame.
    In contrast to the majority of those commemorating him, Saadia wrote an (...)

  • Tanya Reinhart, 1944-2007

    , by CLANCY Emma

    Tanya Reinhart, the Israeli linguistics professor and champion of Palestinian rights, died of a stroke in her sleep on March 17 in New York at the age of 63. Palestinian organisations issued a statement from Gaza on March 19, describing Reinhart as “a great indefatigable activist against the (...)

  • Taken for a Ride by the Israeli Left

    , by FRIEDMAN Steven

    Uri Avnery is a human rights crusader of venerable standing. He has fought, written, published and campaigned for Palestinian rights for some sixty years. He has stood on the political barricades and faced down bulldozers to defend Palestinians from Israeli military abuse. His articles, books, (...)

  • 30 years to the Black Panthers in Israel

    , by CHETRIT Sami Shalom

    On March 21, a conference was held at Beit Hillel, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem celebrating 30 years since the founding of the ‘Black Panthers’ movement: a movement whose emergence marked a turning point in the Mizrahim struggle for equality in Israel. The conference hall packed with (...)