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  • No to ‘Brand Israel’ Pinkwashing

    , par CONWAY Terry

    Terry Conway explains how pinkwashing fits into the strategy of the Israeli state.
    Pinkwashing is a strategic campaign by the Israeli state to rebrand itself as a “safe haven” of tolerance for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and queers. This is part of a systematic and conscious (...)

  • Palestine: Resisting homophobia and occupation

    , by DE JONG Alex, MAIKEY Haneen

    Haneen Maikey from the Palestinian queer group Al Qaws was in Amsterdam in June talking about their struggles for sexual emancipation and against the Israeli occupation. Alex de Jong spoke with her about being queer and Palestinan and the queer contribution to the Palestinian liberation (...)

  • Israel’s gay propaganda war

    , by PUAR Jasbir

    In portraying itself as the only gay-friendly country in a homophobic region the Israeli state reveals its own desperation.
    Israel’s recent attack on a flotilla delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, killing at least nine people, suggests a growing indifference of the Israeli government to global (...)

  • Aswat (Palestine): an LGTB conference under pressures

    , by Aswat

    Dear friend of Aswat;
    We are two weeks away from our special and great day for Aswat. “Five Years for Aswat Conference”, to be held the 28th of March 2007 in Haifa, is a celebration of Five years to Aswat existence and contribution to the Palestinian community.
    In this celebration we launch the (...)

  • Home and Exile in Queer Experience

    , by Dayna

    It was when I moved from a small village from the “North” to the big city of Jerusalem. It was not a transition from a far disconnected space called “an Arab village” to the city of red lights, crimes and sex; but a transition from a place of familiarity to the city of impossible paradoxes, of (...)