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  • Hun Sen’s Cambodia

    , by HOLMES Oliver

    Family owned Cambodia
    ’Stranglehold’: Hun Sen rules Cambodia and his family own it, says report
    Relatives of autocratic PM control economy’s most profitable sectors from mining to gambling and property, according to findings of Global Witness project.
    A transparency watchdog has alleged a (...)

  • Cambodia: Stop government violence against workers

    , by LabourStart

    A LabourStart campaign in Partnership with IndustriALL, UNI Global Union, the International Trade Union Confederation, the Cambodia Labour Confederation, and Workers United.
    This campaign is in solidarity with Cambodian garment workers and unions, who initiated a general strike seeking an (...)

  • Women hotel workers in Cambodia fight illegal mass firings

    , by IUF

    Workers unfairly terminated for trade union organizing at the five star Angkor Village Hotel and Angkor Village Botanical Resort Hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, are fighting for their rights, their jobs and their union - and need your support.
    The IUF-affiliated Cambodian Tourism and Service (...)

  • Khmer Rouge court’s identity crisis

    , by KURCZY Stephen

    PHNOM PENH - Slung over Nic Dunlop’s shoulder on Tuesday was the same vintage Leica he used a decade ago to photograph the Khmer Rouge’s former chief of secret police and publicize his whereabouts.
    Dunlop was standing outside the Khmer Rouge tribunal where Kaing Guek Eav, better known as Duch, (...)

  • Khmer Rouge Trial Threatened

    , by POSTLEWAITE Susan

    Long-delayed justice in Cambodia may be denied yet
    Although the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge have been unfolding in a Phnom Penh courtroom for three weeks, a toxic mix of corruption allegations, political interference and a money shortage threaten to shut the tribunal down, even as the (...)

  • Cambodia’s missing accused

    , par PILGER John

    In an article for the Guardian, John Pilger calls on his long experience with Cambodia’s struggles in lamenting missing faces in the dock at the UN-backed trial of crimes committed during the Khmer Rouge period. Where are Pol Pot’s accomplices and collaborators in the West ?
    At my hotel in Phnom (...)

  • Justice Comes to the Killing Fields

    , by CAIN Geoffrey

    Phnom Penh—Kaing Guek Eav, alias Duch, sat cold and haggard before a panel of judges, the teacher-turned-torturer etched with the frailty of a 10-year detention leading up to a hearing on Tuesday that laid the groundwork for a full trial in March. Some onlookers here said his eyes were watering. (...)

  • A Difficult Defense

    , by EHRLICH Richard

    A court-appointed attorney seeks to defend Cambodia’s indefensible Khmer Rouge
    After decades of delay, an international trial starts this week in Cambodia against five of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, whom most of the world hold responsible for one of history’s most heartless and murderous regimes. But (...)

  • Cambodia: First Trial to Test Tribunal’s Credibility

    , by Human Rights Watch

    Court’s Independence Remains a Concern as Khmer Rouge Trials Begin
    (New York) - Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge tribunal, about to begin its first trial, should resist political interference and meet international fair trial standards, Human Rights Watch said today. The tribunal is prosecuting Khmer (...)

  • In Cambodia Urban Renewal Takes A Nasty Twist

    , by MACISAAC Vincent

    The government is using the fiction of slum clearance to grab land from the poor
    Just a stone’s throw away from Cambodia’s National Assembly in Phnom Penh, a fading billboard trumpets an urban renewal campaign promising to transform 100 poor communities into thriving neighborhoods within a year. (...)

  • Justice Delayed, But Justice Nonetheless

    , by KHIMM Suzy

    Cambodia finally starts to bring a handful of ageing war criminals to trial for sowing the killing fields.
    Nearly three decades after Cambodia’s murderous Khmer Rouge were ousted from power, the first of a handful of geriatric accused war criminals — a 66 year-old former prison chief named Duch (...)

  • Cambodia: Khmer Rouge tribunal holds first public hearing

    , by MYERS Allen

    Phnom Penh,
    The special court established to try the former leaders of the Khmer Rouge held its first public sessions on November 20 and 21. The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) is a Cambodian tribunal assisted by international judges, lawyers and administrative (...)

  • Cambodia Braces for a Mining Invasion

    , by GILLISON Douglas

    Cambodia’s once-abundant natural resources, whose timber reserves already were stripped to fund its disastrous civil war, are ripe for more exploitation. Saddled with a weak and often corrupt government, it is now in danger of seeing its mineral rights looted, as even officials charged with (...)

  • Cambodia Loses an Independent Press Voice

    , by GILLISON Douglas

    A tiny but influential French-language newspaper closes in Phnom Penh amid allegations of political conflict of interest.
    A staple of Cambodia’s post-Khmer Rouge press may well have died this month after it carried a story on corruption and environmental destruction that veered too close to the (...)