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  • Denmark – Big Pharma and criminal super profits

    , by VOSS Michael

    Expenses for medicine at Danish public hospitals have doubled in only seven years. Prognoses say that in 2015 health authorities will have to allocate 1.1. billion Euro for this purpose.
    Of course this provokes debate among hospital professionals, politicians, journalists and academics in the (...)

  • The Netherlands: Cannabis pass abolished? Not really

    , by BLICKMAN Tom

    Half-baked compromise in Dutch government coalition agreement continues disastrous coffeeshop policy.
    The new coalition government of conservative liberals (VVD) and social-democrats (PvdA) presented its coalition agreement on Monday. They agreed to abolish the cannabis pass , but access to (...)

  • Government opposes Copenhagen City Council on cannabis shops

    , by BLICKMAN Tom

    The pilot project to have state-run hash and marijuana dispensaries in Copenhagen received a setback after the Justice Ministry turned down the City Council’s request to experiment with regulating cannabis in the city . In a letter to the Council, the social-democrat Minister of Justice, Morten (...)