Nelson Mandela

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  • South Africa Under the ANC: A Flawed Freedom

    , by SAUL John S.

    Has the time come when it might be possible to move past the well-deserved praise-song phase of the marking of Nelson Mandela’s death in order to strike a more careful balance sheet on the meaning for present-day South Africa of his storied career?
    Of course, it remains extremely difficult to (...)

  • Nelson Mandela, Feminist

    , by HOGUE Ilyse

    Nelson Mandela’s passing has elicited a flood of personal memories and tributes from people he touched across the world. I am one of those people. In elementary school in Dallas in the early 1980s, I was fascinated by the televised images of mock shanty-towns on US college campuses. Questions (...)

  • Nelson Mandela

    , by Amandla!

    “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. William Shakespeare
    We do not believe in miracles. Mandela is not immortal. He has lived the fullest of lives. Amandla! stands with his family, the ANC (the organisation he lived and died for), his closest (...)

  • Nelson Mandela: The Reluctant Revolutionary

    , by LONGFORD Charles

    So it has finally come to pass that Nelson Mandela has succumbed to the inevitable and will be buried like every other mortal being. He is being praised, rightly, for his inspirational ability to rise above the brutal racial prejudices of his time. He is being characterised as the most famous (...)

  • Nelson Mandela – an African nationalist

    , by TRAUB Norman

    The death of Nelson Mandela removes a renowned political leader and world figure from the South African and international stage writes South African socialist Norman Traub. As a political leader of the African National Congress (ANC) from the late 1940s , he played a key role in the national (...)

  • Mandela between fact and fiction

    , by FASFALIS Dimitris

    There are many ways in which the capitalist rulers of the world manage to contain the empowering hope borne by revolutionary leaders: slander, silence, and in some cases outright embezzlement. The latter is the case today with Nelson Mandela.
    Here’s, among many other samples of the same sort, (...)

  • Editorial - Nelson Mandela

    , by Amandla!

    We publish here a living tribute to Comrade Nelson Mandela. We, as all in South Africa, are aware that he is critically ill and that, by the time this magazine is published, his immensely productive life may have ended.
    Amandla! stands with his family, the ANC, his closest comrades, especially (...)

  • Mandela: the myths & and the man

    , by BELL Terry

    It was all quite predictable, I suppose, that when Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was rushed to hospital for the fourth time in almost as many months, the media would flock, much like vultures around an expiring stag, to take up positions outside the hospital. That they would be joined by prayerfull (...)

  • Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk

    , by DESAI Ashwin

    NELSON MANDELA’S BEST-SELLING autobiography, published in 1994, is titled Long Walk to Freedom. It tells the powerful story of the journey of a rural Transkei boy who was a cow-herd and son of a deposed tribal chief, to guerilla fighter to decades-long prisoner on an island fortress and then to (...)

  • Mandela’s Democracy

    , by NASH Andrew

    The Tribal Model of Democracy
    In his speech from the dock, at his 1962 trial for inciting African workers to strike and leaving the country without a passport, Nelson Mandela described the initial formation of his political ideas:
    "Many years ago, when I was a boy brought up in my village in (...)

  • Freedom in our Lifetime

    , by MANDELA Nelson

    The adoption of the Freedom Charter by the Congress of the People was widely recognised both at home and abroad as an event of major political significance in the life of this country. In his message to the Congress of the People, Chief AJ Luthuli, the banned National President of the ANC, (...)