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  • What next for ecosocialists?

    , by ANGUS Ian

    The Ecosocialist International Network will meet in Paris, Sept. 26-27, to discuss its future and the way forward for ecosocialism. This article is a contribution to that discussion.
    Not long ago, most socialists had little to say about environmental issues, and the environmental movement was (...)

  • Commitment of Caracas

    , by Collective

    Political parties and organizations from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania commemorate and celebrate the unity and solidarity that brought us together to Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and from this libertarian city we would like to express our (...)

  • World at the Crossroads Conference

    , by KRISHNAN Kavita

    A ‘World at the Crossroads Conference’ was organized by the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP), Resistance and Green Left Weekly at Sydney on 10-13 April. Kavita Krishnan, who represented CPI(ML) at the Conference, reports.
    As the world reels from a severe recession, as wars, occupation and (...)

  • Challenge to the G8 Goverments

    , by Collective

    The gathering of the most powerful countries of the world is an occasion for the people of the world to demand that this G8 Summit address the twin ‘tsunamis’ that plague humanity today – the food and climate crisis – and the continuing problem of Debt that has contributed significantly to these (...)

  • What is the World Forum for Alternatives?

    , by WFA

    Self-presentation of the World Forum for Alternatives taken from its website October 2, 2006.
    What is the WFA?
    The World Forum for Alternatives (WFA) is an international network of Research centres and concerned intellectuals from the South and the North, created in 1997. Its aim is to (...)

  • The Bamako Appeal

    , by Assembly of Movements

    The Bamako Appeal is a statement issued by a meeting held in Bamako, Mali, on January 18 2006, an initiative taken by the WFA – the World Forum for Alternatives, headed by eminent Egyptian economist Samir Amin and eminent Belgian historian François Houtart that makes a major call for (and puts (...)

  • Stop the WTO negotiations! Save jobs!

    , by Movements (international)

    Trade unions and NGOs are concerned that the WTO negotiations, to be pursued at the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference in December, will have a massive impact on employment in the agricultural, industrial, fisheries, forestry and services sectors.
    Please read the statement below and, if your (...)