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  • SciHub breaks the monopoly of scientific publishing

    , by MALAMUD Carl

    Since 2011, Russia-based Sci-Hub has accumulated 67 million journal articles. Available to all, free of charge. Elsevier and the other commercial publishers are loosing their ability to assert copyright over common knowledge and restrict access to information.
    The sum total of all scholarly (...)

  • Intellectual Property Regime Undermines Equity, Progress

    , by SUNDARAM Jomo K

    Developing countries must reject the intellectual property rights regime imposed on them by powerful foreign monopolies in recent decades.
    Over the last few decades, people in the developing world have been rejecting the intellectual property (IP) regime as it has been increasingly imposed on (...)

  • Presentation of the Intercoll Working Group: Common Goods

    , by SULTAN Frédéric

    “We speak of ‘common good’ every time a community of people is driven by the same desire to take charge of a resource that they’ve inherited or created and this organises them in a democratic, convivial and responsible manner to ensure access, use and (...)