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“ML Update” is a weekly electronic News Magazine published by the CPI(ML) “Liberation”.

“Liberation” is its monthly magazine. Most of the time, articles from Liberation are posted online in their relevant sections (by topic), rather than here.

Edited, published and printed by S. Bhattacharya for CPI(ML) Liberation from U-90, Shakarpur, Delhi-92; printed at Bol Publication, R-18/2, Ramesh Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-92; Phone:22521067; fax: 22442790, e-mail: mlupdate, website:

Articles in this section

  • ML Update: 24-30 January 2012

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    ‘Green Hunt’ in Jharkhand: State Repression and Witch-hunt Against CPI(ML)
    Following a landmine blast by CPI(Maoist) in Garhwa, Jharkhand, CPI(ML) leaders were abducted by Maoists, and the police is implicating the CPI(ML) in the blasts, and torturing its local village activists for (...)

  • ML Update: 26 April-02 May 2011

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    West Bengal Poll Campaign:: CPI(M)’s Shameful Recourse to Patriarchal Abuse
    In the ongoing Assembly polls in W Bengal, the survival of CPI(M)’s more than three decades old rule is at stake. Faced with a formidable challenge by the TMC led by a woman leader, the CPI(M)’s political discourse took a (...)

  • ML Update: 15-21 March 2011

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Quake and Tsunami in Japan :Questions for India
    The intense earthquake followed by devastating tsunami in Japan has taken a massive toll of human life. This natural calamity of enormous proportions is estimated to have taken the lives of some 10,000 people in that country, while the number of (...)

  • ML Update: 11-17 Jan. 2011

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Massacre by CPIM’s Armed Brigade at Lalgarh: CPIM Learns No Lessons from Nandigram
    The CPI(M) in West Bengal has blood on its hands once again. In a horrific massacre in Netai village, Lalgarh, at least 7 people including 2 women have been shot dead by the CPI(M)’s private armed brigade (harmad (...)

  • ML Update: 04-10 Jan. 2011

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Rapists Roam Free While Victims and Activists Are Jailed
    Peasants, agricultural workers and women of Mansa district, Punjab observed New Year’s day this year with a protest gathering at the police headquarters in Mansa. Braving a severe cold wave, thousands of people gathered to protest a (...)

  • ML Update: 21-27 Dec. 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Wikileaks: Unmasking Imperialism
    For an empire that cloaks its aggressions and coercions in the benign garb of ’liberation’ and ’democracy’, those who lay bare the truth are dangerous. Wikileaks, with its devastating exposure of the real face of imperialism, has earned the ire of the most powerful (...)

  • ML Update: 14-20 Dec. 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Nobel Prize and the Price of Peace
    This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. China termed the award a calculated affront, and with Liu Xiaobo in prison serving an 11-year sentence and his wife under house arrest, the prize was awarded to an empty (...)

  • ML Update: 07-13 Dec. 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Justice for 6 December 1992 - Punish the Perpetrators of the Babri Masjid Demolition!
    On 6 December 1992, Sangh Parivar mobs demolished the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya. They were led by the top leaders of the BJP – including Lal Krishna Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti. Each blow struck (...)

  • ML Update: 30 Nov.-06 Dec. 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Bihar 2010
    Bihar has delivered a stunning verdict. An outgoing government returning to power with 85% majority is a very rare phenomenon in the history of parliamentary democracy anywhere in the world. That such a thing has happened now in the state of Bihar which has been known for the (...)

  • ML Update: 23–29 November 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Delhi Building Collapse: Crime Against Unorganised Workers
    Not long after the CWG, the myth of Delhi as a ’world-class city’ came tumbling down on the heads of its dispossessed in a cruel, criminal and tragic way. Not far from the Games Village, in the crowded locality of Lalita Park in (...)

  • ML Update: 16–22 November 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Eyewash of Resignations and Cover Ups Will Not Suffice Probe Scams and Punish the Guilty
    Inundated by a series of scams involving top Ministers in the UPA Government as well as Congress leaders, the UPA Government and Congress party are desperately trying to save face by securing the (...)

  • ML Update: 09-015 November 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Barack Obama’s India Visit – Outsourcing US’ Economic Crisis to India
    On the eve of his visit to India, and on the heels of mid-term polls in the US where voters showed their discontent with the Obama government by allowing Republicans to wrest control of the House of Representatives from the (...)

  • ML Update: 02-08 November 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Two Indias: Rahul Gandhi’s Rhetoric and the Grim Reality of Congress-Ruled India
    In the course of the ongoing AICC session, Congress ‘crown prince’ Rahul Gandhi obliquely acknowledged the reality of ‘two Indias,’ one that is rich and ‘moving forward fast’ while the other is that of the poor which is (...)

  • ML Update: 19-25 Oct. 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    The CWG Aftermath: Lessons and Challenges
    The Commonwealth Games 2010 are finally over. India finished second with 38 gold medals (third in overall medal tally), with Indian women participants contributing nearly 40% of the total medals. This is certainly a high point in the country’s (...)

  • ML Update: 12-18 Oct. 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Karnataka, Jharkhand, Bihar: BJP’s Sordid Saga of Opportunism
    In state after state where it is in power or shares power, the BJP stands racked by factional wars and opportunistic strife. The BJP’s “party with a difference” claims have been exposed long back by corruption and in-fighting. Even so, (...)

  • ML Update: 08–14 June 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Bhopal Gas Disaster Verdict: Virtual Clean Chit for Corporate Crime
    More than 25 years after the infamous Bhopal Gas Disaster, a trial court in Bhopal has delivered a verdict that is nothing but a cruel mockery of justice. Not only does the verdict insult the victims of one of the world’s worst (...)

  • ML Updates: 18-24 May 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Resist Operation Green Hunt, Reject ‘Maoist’ Anarcho-Militarism!
    After ambushing 75 CRPF men in early April, Maoists have struck again in Dantewada. On 17 May afternoon, a passenger bus was blown up in a landmine blast that left more than 30 passengers killed and at least another 15 passengers (...)

  • ML Update: 4-10 May 2010

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    May Day 2010: Working Class Actions for Wages, Work and Industrial Democracy
    Workers all over the country observed the historic May Day this year with protests against anti-worker policies, price rise and state repression. It has been apparent for some time that we are witnessing growing (...)