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  • Korean Peninsula: Advantage Pyongyang

    , by LLOYD PARRY Richard

    The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future by Victor Cha Bodley Head, 527 pp, £14.99, August 2012, ISBN 978 1 84792 236 6
    The Choco Pie is a mouth-drying, individually wrapped slab of cake, marshmallow and chocolate, and in South Korea it is as important a part of childhood as Britain’s (...)

  • The U.S. chokehold on North Korea

    , by WHITEHOUSE David

    North Korea’s escalating threats are a response to new shows of force by the U.S.
    IN THE 60 years since the end of the Korean War, U.S. policy toward North Korea has fluctuated between the options of “containment” and “rollback.”
    Sometimes, the policy has shifted in the course of one presidency. (...)

  • How Obama is Creating a Crisis on the Korean Peninsula

    , by ELICH Gregory

    Relations between the United States and North Korea have reached a nadir, and in most Western media reports it is the seemingly irrational harsh rhetoric emanating from North Korea that is to blame. Inexplicably, we are told, North Korea has chosen to raise tensions.
    What is missing from this (...)

  • Korean peninsula: The spiral of provocation

    , by ROUSSET Pierre

    A “state of war” declared, deployment of missiles, threats of pre-emptive attacks, warnings to foreign embassies… The (dictatorial) North Korean regime has raised its provocative gestures to an unusually high level. In the eyes of a number of experts, this is about Kim Jong-un consolidating his (...)

  • Why are tensions rising in Korea?

    , by WHITEHOUSE David

    David Whitehouse explains the background to the latest escalation of the conflict.
    THE SITUATION on the Korean peninsula has taken a belligerent new turn—and as usual, the mainstream media have presented a story that could have come straight out of the U.S. State Department news releases. The (...)

  • North Korea: Socialism in one dynasty

    , by WHITEHOUSE David

    David Whitehouse asks why three left-wing organizations would pay tribute to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-il and celebrate his regime as a model of socialism.
    RELIABLE INFORMATION about North Korea can be hard to come by. The regime is secretive, and the mainstream media—rather than doing any (...)

  • Grief and fear

    , by The Economist

    It seems unlikely that Kim Jong Un will want to reform North Korea, but even less likely that the regime can go on resisting change
    IF NORTH KOREA were not so tragic and dangerous, the scenes broadcast to the world after the funeral of Kim Jong Il would have been comic. Waves of mourners (...)

  • Death of Kim Jong-il: the rise of the Party

    , by FRANK Ruediger

    Kim Jong-il is no more. The state news agency KCNA reported that he died on his train on Saturday 17 December 2011. This is the official version (now doubted internationally) that observers of North Korea have actually seen under preparation for quite a while, including in works of art that (...)

  • Extended Nuclear Deterrence, Global Abolition, and Korea

    , by HAYES Peter

    This essay examines the role that nuclear weapons have played in Northeast Asia in creating a system of inter-state relations based in part on nuclear threat and the impact of North Korea on that system. The US-led alliances that rest on extended nuclear deterrence have been (...)

  • North Korea’s Tunnels, Guns and Kimchi

    , by LINTNER Bertil

    After an exchange of secret visits, North Korean armaments began to arrive in Burma. The curious relationship between Burma and North Korea was first disclosed in the Hong Kong-based weekly Far Eastern Economic Review on July 10, 2003. A group of 15 to-20 North Korean technicians were then seen (...)

  • North Korea’s Satellite Launch and Peace in East Asia

    , by LEE Yumi

    On April 4, in the midst of heated debate about whether it was in fact a satellite or missile, North Korea launched the “Eunha-2” rocket in an attempt to put the “Gwangmyeongseong-2” satellite into orbit. While it appears that the satellite failed to make it into outer space North Korea’s expanded (...)

  • Human Rights in North Korea

    , by KEY Seok

    ``So, what do you think Secretary Clinton should tell Kim Jong-il if they ever have a chance to meet?’’ When I posed this question to a North Korean woman living in Seoul, she gave me an unexpected answer: ``I would like her to tell him to allow North Korean women to wear pants and ride (...)

  • Kim Jong Il Comes Sort of Clean on His Nukes

    , by SHIM Jae Hoon

    North Korea reports on key facilities and plutonium output but keeps mum on uranium program.
    North Korean ambassador Choe Jin Su is not exactly a star on Beijing’s diplomatic cocktail circuits, but on June 26, a day after the Korean War anniversary which his country still insists was started by (...)

  • Survival Strategy: the Human Face of North Korean Hunger

    , by CHANG Henri

    Women who fled starvation in North Korea face still more risks in China
    A mass of jet-black hair accenting her thin, white face, she has the look of a telegenic cosmetics model in Seoul, an image hardly evocative of a tough officer in the North Korean People’s Army. And yet that was what she (...)

  • North Korea: Nuclear Distraction

    , by GITTINGS John

    North Korea has agreed to close a weapons facility, to the relief of the Americans. But China and Japan are wary about the future.
    In spite of progress over the Korean nuclear problem, the big question remains: are we going to have to live with North Korea as the ninth member of the nuclear (...)

  • North Korea: US moves to lift financial sanctions

    , by LORIMER Doug

    On February 26, a US consular official in Hong Kong announced that Washington was ready to “begin taking steps” to lift financial sanctions on North Korea by resolving a dispute over Macau’s Banco Delta Asia. In September 2005, the US Treasury designated BDA a primary money-laundering concern, (...)