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  • India’s Democracy Is Facing an Existential Threat

    , by PRASHAD Vijay

    India’s Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu made a curious comment on 28 December. “Express dissent in a democratic way,” he said. Before he became the Vice President – a largely symbolic role – Naidu was the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the far-right political organization that now (...)

  • Asia: Must-haves for the latest global Islamic TV channel

    , by NASIR Abbas

    The leaders of Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan have decided to set up an English TV channel in order to ’remove misgivings’ about Islam and project the ’correct’ religious values. What better moment to ask ourselves exactly what misgivings, and what values we are talking about here...

    “President Erdogan, PM Mahatir [sic] and myself had a meeting today [Wednesday] in which we decided our 3 countries would jointly start an English language channel dedicated to confronting the challenges posed by (...)

  • India: Beware the nuclear con man

    , by HOODBHOY Pervez

    INDIAN leaders of unbridled ambition and meagre wisdom have recently suggested that India might revoke its earlier policy of No First Use (NFU) of nuclear weapons. They should be forgiven. To stay in the public eye, South Asia’s street-smart politicians need to make a lot of noise all the time. (...)

  • Queer Marxism in Mainland China and Taiwan

    , by DENTON Kirk A., TAN Jia

    In the past two decades, the term “queer” has gained increasing academic momentum in China studies across disciplines such as history, sociology, anthropology, film and media studies, communication, and literary studies. What does it mean to queer China studies, and where is this emergent field (...)

  • Queer Marxism in Two Chinas

    , by KEMP Brandon

    Brandon Kemp discusses Petrus Liu’s latest book arguing that Queer Theory and Marxism belong together and bringing this to bear on gender in Chinese and Taiwanese culture.
    Petrus Liu, Queer Marxism in Two Chinas. (Durham: Duke University Press, 2015) 256pp
    Petrus Liu’s latest book represents an (...)

  • Washington Debates the Pivot to Asia

    , by BELLO Walden

    Over the last two years, the Obama administration has executed what the president has termed the “Pivot to Asia” strategy, whereby the United States’ global military force posture is being reconfigured to focus on the Asia-Pacific region as Washington’s central front.
    Movement has been rapid, with (...)

  • Charting change

    , by DIXIT Kunda

    From the Himalaya to Male, there are clear signs that climate change is real.
    Namgye Chumbi was weeding his potato garden in the village of Phakding in Nepal’s Khumbu region below Mount Everest on the morning of 4 August 1985. Because of the monsoon season, there were not too many trekkers (...)

  • “Rivals”: Misconceiving Asia

    , by VANAIK Achin

    Review of Bill Emmott, Rivals: How the Power Struggle between China, India and Japan will Shape Our Next Decade, Allen Lane: London 2008, £20, hardback 314 pp, 978 1 846 14009 9.
    The mass of recent literature on the ‘rise of Asia’ largely focuses on the implications of this development for the (...)

  • Asia’s Sorry Human Rights Record

    , by Correspondent(s)

    Asian values apparently don’t protecting individuals from exploitation
    Asian governments variously proclaim commitment to Asian values, Confucian, Islamic or Marxist principles or the rule of statute law. Or all of them. But when it comes to human rights, to enforcing laws intended to protect (...)

  • Clinton leaves for Asia

    , by AFP

    WASHINGTON - US SECRETARY of State Hillary Clinton left for Asia on Sunday for her maiden mission as the chief US diplomat after pledging to strengthen US ties with the region.
    High among her priorities are finding ways to tackle the global economic crisis and climate change as well as prevent (...)

  • APEC: A tool to screw the poor

    , by CHENG Eva

    While starving Australia’s public education and health services of funding, the Coalition government is planning to spend well over $200 million on the annual talk shop dressed up as a “leaders’ summit” of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) scheduled for Sydney this September.
    Is the (...)

  • Nuclear Clouds Gather Over the Asia Pacific

    , by BIDWAI Praful

    The Asia-Pacific region has not only emerged as one of the main engines of the world economy, it has also taken the global centre-stage in developments pertaining to nuclear weapons, in efforts to acquire a capability to make them, and in nuclear conflicts among regional powers as well as with (...)

  • Declaration of Phnom Penh

    , by Socialist International

    1. The Socialist International Asia-Pacific Committee reaffirms its commitment to working toward a form of globalisation that benefits and promotes the well-being of all the people of this critical region of the world.
    This means deepening the work of establishing and strengthening (...)