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  • Washington Debates the Pivot to Asia

    , by BELLO Walden

    Over the last two years, the Obama administration has executed what the president has termed the “Pivot to Asia” strategy, whereby the United States’ global military force posture is being reconfigured to focus on the Asia-Pacific region as Washington’s central front.
    Movement has been rapid, with (...)

  • Could Asean Drift Apart?

    , by WADE Geoff

    Last year the Association of Southeast Asian Nations celebrated its 43rd anniversary with fanfare, but cracks were visible in the organization.
    Thanks to the lopsided development of the Greater Mekong Sub-region, propelled by China with the help of the Asian Development Bank, the area along (...)

  • Dam building equates to neo-colonialism

    , by PETERSEN Barry

    It has been reported that just last week China ’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) halted dam construction on the Jinsha River, as the upper reaches of the Yangtze River is called. Ads by Google Vietnam Travel in Style?Local Full Travel Services Agency One Stop For Vietnam Holiday, (...)

  • Charting change

    , by DIXIT Kunda

    From the Himalaya to Male, there are clear signs that climate change is real.
    Namgye Chumbi was weeding his potato garden in the village of Phakding in Nepal’s Khumbu region below Mount Everest on the morning of 4 August 1985. Because of the monsoon season, there were not too many trekkers (...)

  • “Rivals”: Misconceiving Asia

    , by VANAIK Achin

    Review of Bill Emmott, Rivals: How the Power Struggle between China, India and Japan will Shape Our Next Decade, Allen Lane: London 2008, £20, hardback 314 pp, 978 1 846 14009 9.
    The mass of recent literature on the ‘rise of Asia’ largely focuses on the implications of this development for the (...)

  • Asia’s Sorry Human Rights Record

    , by Correspondant(es)

    Asian values apparently don’t protecting individuals from exploitation
    Asian governments variously proclaim commitment to Asian values, Confucian, Islamic or Marxist principles or the rule of statute law. Or all of them. But when it comes to human rights, to enforcing laws intended to protect (...)

  • Clinton leaves for Asia

    , by AFP

    WASHINGTON - US SECRETARY of State Hillary Clinton left for Asia on Sunday for her maiden mission as the chief US diplomat after pledging to strengthen US ties with the region.
    High among her priorities are finding ways to tackle the global economic crisis and climate change as well as prevent (...)

  • The Asean Charter: A Human Rights Whitewash?

    , by LAWRENCE Neil

    The new Asean charter will do little to improve the regional grouping’s human rights reputation as long as Burma continues to dictate the agenda
    ONE Caring and Sharing Community”—that is how the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), in its newly launched charter, envisions itself some (...)

  • Mugabe Finds a Home in Asia

    , by Correspondant(es)

    A detested African satrap and his family take refuge in the east
    Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong are becoming homes from home for Robert Mugabe and his family. In Hong Kong the government is ignoring its own laws to accommodate the despised African dictator.
    While Zimbabweans, once citizens (...)

  • Human rights calls

    , by Achara Ashayagachat

    Asean governments will be urged next month to call for a Commission of Inquiry on Burma by the UN Human Rights Council. But the new Asean Human Rights Body will face a wide range of problems and requests.
    As soon as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) completes setting up a (...)

  • The Faltering Asean Way

    , by VATIKIOTIS Michael

    It is ironic that just as the much-heralded Asean Charter received its final approval through ratification by Indonesia, two Asean member states faced off across a disputed patch of land and started shooting at each other. It was an inauspicious start to what the Charter’s preamble refers to as (...)

  • ASEAN destroys its own credibility

    , by NGUYEN Thang D.

    The publicity over ASEAN’s failure of nerve about Burma obscures other troubles with its new charter.
    While international organizations and regional blocs like the European Union are trying so hard to stay relevant, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) seems not to be bothering. (...)

  • ACSC3 – Singapore Declaration

    , by ACSC

    Declaration adopted at the Third ASEAN+ Civil Society Conference (ACSC-III) 2-4 November 2007, Singapore. (Final Version).
    1. We, about 200 participants from civil society organizations and trade unions across Southeast Asia gathered at the Third ASEAN+ Civil Society Conference (ACSC-III) in (...)

  • As 250 Killed in Clashes Near Afghan Border, British-Pakistani Author Tariq Ali on Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Ongoing U.S. Role in Regional Turmoil

    , by ALI Tariq, GOODMAN Amy

    The acclaimed British-Pakistani historian, novelist, political campaigner and commentator Tariq Ali joins us with his analysis of the latest from Pakistan. Days after General Pervez Musharraf’s re-election in a boycotted contest, at least 250 people have been killed in clashes along the Afghan (...)

  • Pakistan is the Spanner in South Asia’s Works

    , by KUMAR Anand

    Hopes for increasing trade across South Asia founder as Pakistan puts Kashmir before cooperation
    Our Correspondent,
    Although the 14th summit of the eight-member South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation summit in New Delhi last week raised hopes hope that finally the politics and (...)

  • A new voice for a new region

    , by SULERI Abid Qaiyum

    All those factors that have traditionally hampered peace between India and Pakistan may be coming together for the sake of a peaceful and prosperous South Asia.
    “We have a great desire to live in peace and harmony, like good neighbours. I can never understand why some forces do not want it to (...)