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  • Rajarhat: Accumulation by Dispossession?

    , by SEN Suhit K.

    The Rajarhat story is fundamentally a story of displacement, loss of livelihoods and ecological degradation brought about by the Left Front government in cahoots with a real estate mafia allied with business interests. So what’s new? There is something new about the story of the building of a (...)

  • To pee is to be

    , by SENGUPTA Amit

    That’s what we are, Hoo Ha India, superpower nuclear India, floating on public spectacles of yellow swimming pools of male piss, with condemned rivers of chemicalised filth and tonnes of garbage scattered like testimonies of greatness.
    So what was wrong when a Dutch embassy official (...)

  • NGO appeals against slum demolitions in Mumbai

    , by HIC-HLRN

    Mumbai: YUVA, a partner of HIC-HLRN in Mumbai, has informed us of a brutal demolition in which local authorities have destroyed 5,000 houses in Mandala, Mankurd in Mumbai, and set fire to an entire slum on 9 May 2006.
    A police force of 500-700 along with Mumbai Collectorate officials and (...)

  • Demolitions in Delhi: Whose City Is It Anyway

    , by BHADURI Amit, KEJRIWAL Arvind

    The last four months have seen two types of demolitions in Delhi - demolitions of jhuggis on the one hand and unauthorised and illegal structures in middle and upper income areas on the other.
    Both types of demolitions were ordered by the Delhi high court and the directions were so strong that (...)