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  • India: Universal Social Security – A commitment or a trickery?

    , by DHAR Sushovan

    The ‘World Social Security Report’ |1|, released in 2010, by ILO reported India’s dismal track-record of social security protection for its citizens. It further stated that Indians, especially the poor and the marginalized, suffers from “very high vulnerability” to poverty and informal labor (...)

  • Socio Economic Profile of Muslims in Maharashtra

    , by PATEL Vibhuti

    Maharashtra’s multicultural milieu is marked by crucial contribution made by Muslims. The Sachar Committee Report, 2006 stated that the condition of Muslim in Maharashtra demands special attention of the state where the Muslim members are the biggest religious minority. Seven surveys (...)

  • India: Kerala Nurses On Strike

    , by ADOOR Nissar, New Red Indian

    Nurses across the south Indian state of Kerala are on rolling strikes for pay increases against private hospitals which have been unwilling to meet the minimum wage demands of the state. Just as one strike ends (at SH Hospital in Paynkulam) another one begins (at Amrita Insitute of Medical (...)

  • A Bastion Stormed

    , by CHATTOPADHYAY Suhrid Sankar

    The Trinamool Congress-led alliance scores a historic victory in West Bengal to end 34 years of Left Front rule.
    IN what turned out to be a historic Assembly election in West Bengal, the Communist Party of India (Marxist)-led Left Front was swept out of power after a record seven consecutive (...)

  • India: Resist the Neoliberal Assault on Education

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    The UPA Government in its second term has made it a priority to aggressively push through “reform” in education. HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has announced the introduction of sweeping changes in schooling and higher education policy that are deeply disquieting and will have long term implications (...)

  • Private Higher Education in India-Changing Scenario

    , by PATEL Vibhuti

    EDUCATION is one of the dominant sectors of the Indian economy in terms of enrolment of children, employment of adults and investment of financial resources. While school education has a broad base, higher education suffers from a narrow base covering only about 7% of the relevant age (...)

  • Indian Elections: Lessons from Gujarat Results

    , by KRISHNAN Kavita

    The widespread factionalism in the Gujarat Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) ranks and the fact that on the eve of the polls Modi stood firmly indicted for his regime’s role in the Gujarat genocide and custodial killings of Sohrabuddin and others created a uniquely favourable situation for its main (...)

  • Modi’s modus operandi failing in Gujarat

    , by BIDWAI Praful

    After the initial forecasts that Bharatiya Janata Party was set to win the elections in the Indian state of Gujarat, the tide seems to be turning against it.
    Is the tide turning in Gujarat? A month ago, most Gujarat politicians, social scientists, activists, bureaucrats, and citizens agreed on (...)

  • The Message from Uttar Pradesh

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    Defying all predictions of yet another hung house, the UP elections have delivered a decisive verdict. After fourteen years of coalition rule, Uttar Pradesh has again enabled one single party to form government on its own and that single party is none other than Mayawati’s BSP. The SP has (...)

  • India Does Not Need SEZs – the SEZ Act Will Have to Go!

    , by Liberation (India)

    DB, Liberation, May 2007. Even as the Congress and the CPI(M) and their respective governments in New Delhi and Kolkata are busy covering up the state-sponsored barbarism in Nandigram, the ‘empowered group of union ministers’ has cleared the deck for the government’s special economic zone (SEZ) (...)

  • A statement on the Mumbai bomb blast

    , by South Asia Solidarity Group

    South Asia Solidarity Group strongly condemns the horrific bomb blasts in Mumbai on July 11 that killed some 200 people and injured more than 700. We extend deep condolences to all those who have lost loved ones, and our hopes for the speedy recovery of all who have been injured. We (...)

  • Mumbai Picking Up the Pieces

    , by BIDWAI Praful

    NEW DELHI - As the death toll continues to mount in Mumbai’s ghastly serial bomb attacks of Tuesday, it is becoming clear that India is witnessing a human tragedy of the same dimensions as the Madrid train bombings of March 2004, in which 192 people lost their lives. The bombings were (...)

  • Roll Back Prices, Reverse Policies

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    The UPA government has just completed two years in power. If anybody was expecting a commemorative gift from the government on this occasion, the government has not refused to oblige. The people of India have been duly blessed with yet another hike in the prices of petrol and diesel. Petrol (...)

  • The UPA’s New CMP of Unified and Unfettered Repression

    , by CPI (ML) Liberation

    As Union Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the previous NDA government, LK Advani had dubbed Naxalism ‘the worst enemy of the Indian dream’. As Prime Minister of the Congress-led and Left-backed UPA government, Dr. Manmohan Singh has now identified Naxalism as the greatest threat or (...)

  • Fighting Political Corruption

    , by BIDWAI Praful

    A common problem all South Asians have faced for more than half-a-century is how to bring corrupt and irresponsible politicians to book. The problem has proved persistent despite differences in degrees of democratisation of our societies and the divergent political conventions we follow.
    One (...)